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Yeezy Fashion Collection 2020

March 04, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

As you may already know, the brain behind the Yeezy Fashion Collection 2020 is no other than Kanye West, the rapper turned fashion designer and family man.

Since the brand's inception in early 2000's, Yeezy has gone on to be recognised internationally, probably due to the owner of the fashion label or its one-of-a-kind pieces. The Yeezy sneakers rocked the fashion scenes in 2016 and became a must-have for most people. Generally, the outfits in Yeezy are perceived to be quite different from the regular fashion outfits, and this 2020 Fashion Collection wasn't any different. 

Most of the pieces were either sheer clothings or cropped, or even furry. One of the outfits in the collection was a hoodie that had most of the face covered up, and we wondered this was inspired by the violent spread of the coronavirus.

Puffy sleeves, and sweatpants that appeared to be very tight or clingy were also featured in the collection. One common feature of most Yeezy outfits is how they appear ragged, or frayed by the edges, giving it a tattered but fashionably-woke look. 

One thing we noticed about this collection also, was how they were mostly neutral colours. There were just a few bright colours, but mostly the pieces were different shades of brown, grey, white and other colours. 

The Yeezy Fashion Collection 2020 would definitely be the talk of the fashion town for a long while, as he really proved himself a creative fashion designer once again.


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