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Worst Experience With A Fashion Brand/Designer

March 25, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

Most of us, if not all, have had unpleasant experiences with fashion designers that probably still hurt till this very day.

Wearing a dress 2 sizes too small, or having a slit too high, shabby Victorian sleeves, or even managing whatever style the fashion designer converted the initial style into can definitely be frustrating, especially when you've planned to slay that outfit.

But then, sometimes, we need to take precautions, because fashion designers are not exactly super humans.

We spoke to a few customers about their worst experiences with fashion designers, maybe you can relate with a few.

Desola Komolafe, a 22-year old graduate has had her fair share of terrible fashion designers, but she shared the one that stood out the most. "I gave the fashion designer the style I wanted, and when i went to pick it up, it was a completely different style. Apart from the fact that I had been charged outrageously high for this to happen, I also had to take it to another fashion designer for proper amendments".

Blessing Adeleye, a high school graduate who hasn't had much experience with fashion designers had this to say, "When i picked up my dress at the fashion designer's, it was way shorter than i had been measured for and I was sincerely disappointed. But thankfully, the fashion designer found a solution by adding an extra layer of fabric to increase the length of the dress".

Stella Fadugbagbe, a working-class woman has also had bad experiences with fashion designers. She shared with us her worst experience with a fashion designer, "I had described the type of fabric I wanted for the outfit, and it was for a special occasion. She told me she understood and knew the fabric I was talking about, and I was rest assured. When I went to pick up the outfit, I was stunned. The fashion designer had used a lower quality fabric, which was obviously cheaper, to sew it. There wasn't anything I could do about it though, because the event was already close. So i just wore the outfit like that".

Ifeoma Medebem, a young student has a very reliable fashion designer that rarely messes up, which is a bit hard to find these days. "My fashion designer always delivers, and i scarcely have a problem with her. But when I do, it's usually because the outfits are not exacly my size; perhaps too loose or too tight".

Kolajo Komolafe, a young guy who is very fashion savvy had this to say, "I wanted a special-type of agbada with unique cuts, and I had shown the particular style to the fashion designer. He told me all was well in the fashion land, and he could deliver the style perfectly. To my surprise, when it was time to pick up the outfit he had sewn a completely different one. When I questioned him, he said he didn't think the style I had picked out would be great for the fabric, so he decided to go for that one. Imagine my horror".

Do they seem relatable, even in the slightest? Drop a comment and let us know what your worst experience with a fashion designer is.


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