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Wondering What Fashion Accessories To Add To Your Collection? The Micro And Mini Bags Trend Is Making A Huge Comeback In The African Fashion Scene

April 30, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

The fashion scene in Africa keeps evolving and changing for the better. Everyday, we see new and not-so-new trends taking over the world by storm. Years ago, who would have thought that tiny bags, also known as mini or micro bags, would be a trending accessory in Africa?

Mini bags, which have been in existence since the 18th century, are small bags which can be designed using leather, croc skin or wax print. They were used mainly to hold coins and money and not as a fashion statement.

Over time, the trend faded away, but, it came back with a bang in 2017 when it was seen featured on runways, and on the arms of many celebrities. African designers took advantage of this nifty trend, to showcase their skills and talents, by creating Ankara mini bags as opposed to using leather and other types of materials that are not indigenous to Africa.

The mini bags being made by these African designers take up different forms and styles, and we must commend their creativity. From coin bags to mini tote bags and hexagon-shaped bags, the mini bags which have different variations, can be rocked for different occasions. 

Variations Of The Mini Bags

Clutch Purses: The clutch purse, which is a variation of mini bags, is designed to be a comfortable accessory worn to classy occasions, such as dinners. Usually handheld or carried under the arm, clutch purses are essentially flat handbags that are usually without straps or handles, which is why a lot of celebrities can sporg the accessory effortlessly.

Clutch purses made with wax prints, usually stand out and are very different from the norm. So why not design a clutch purse mini bag today, and see how clients react to it?

Midi Bags: Midi bags are designed to be slightly bigger than the micro and mini bags, such that they can hold more items compared to the mini bags. Most midi bags have detachable straps which makes them suitable for casual outings, parties and so on.

Midi bags made with crocodile skin pattern, or wax prints always turn out very chic, and people tend to rock them a lot.

One thing we love about the mini bag is how comfortable and weightless it is which makes carrying it so much easier. The mini bag trend is one that African designers can really take advantage of. If infused in fashion collections they just might make a huge difference. 



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