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Wondering How To Start A Fashion Business In Nigeria? Here Are 8 Steps To Guide You Along The Way

June 01, 2020 | by Iyin | 1 Comment

The fashion industry is one of the fastest-growing and relevant industries in the world as everyone wants to be fashionable and remain in style. Fashion, in terms of clothing outfits, footwear, jewellery, and bags plays a huge role in how people feel about themselves and how 'in style' an individual is said to be, so a fashion designer's job is very important.

Everyone wants to look good and 'slay' when they step out in style to go to work, attend that owambe, or simply just hang out with friends and fashion designers are always needed to make this happen. As a fashion designer in Nigeria, as far as you can appeal to your customers' tastes and give them what they want, your business will make headway.

But, what steps do you need to take to start a successful fashion business in Nigeria?

Steps To Starting A Fashion Business In Nigeria

1. Carry out Research:

Research! Research!! Research!!! The need for researching into the fashion industry before starting a fashion business cannot be overemphasized. You need to research on where the industry is coming from and where it is going, the gaps/problems in the industry and how you can solve them, the trends in the industry, and so on.

Market research helps you understand the tastes, preferences, and expectations of your potential customers better so you can serve them well. It also helps you decide what niche your fashion business will fall into and how sustainable your idea is.

The research phase is the basis for every other phase you are going to pass through in setting up a fashion business in Nigeria.

2. Get Training:

To be an expert in any field, you have to receive training in that field first, fashion businesses are not left out of this. Whether or not you were born with creativity coursing through your veins naturally, you still need some form of training to fully hone your creative skills.

The problem many clients have with fashion designers, be it dressmakers, shoemakers, beaded accessories designers, or bag makers, in Nigeria, is that many of them do not know the tricks of the trade properly and end up not measuring up to the client's expectations. trust me, you do not want to be tagged as someone that doesn't know your trade well so you need to get trained in it.

In choosing a trainer, you need to ensure that the person is someone who:

  • is skilled in the niche you hope to get into,
  • has many years of experience in the fashion industry, and 
  • has a large and loyal customer base.

Getting training, be it online, with an individual or at a fashion school, helps you get better at your trade and helps you avoid certain mistakes you otherwise would have made without help.

3. Write a Business Plan:

As the saying goes, 'If you fail to plan then you plan to fail', this is so true when it comes to starting a fashion business. To have a successful business, you need to have a plan. 

A fashion business plan not only helps keep you on track in business, but it also comes in handy when you need to show something to potential investors that are interested in your business. 

4. Get Capital:

No business can truly really start without any form of funding. For your startup fashion business, at first, you might not need so much money, especially if you plan to work from home, all you might need is money to get the necessary equipment but you will need funds.

Getting funds from your startup is not as hard as many entrepreneurs think, as friends and family can play a huge in helping to fund your startup initially. As time goes on, or if you want to start big, you will need to make your business more attractive to banks, investors, and donors

5. Get the Necessary Equipment and a Business Location:

To start a fashion business, you need to have the tools for the business and a location to work in. You don't necessarily need every equipment the big fashion brands have or a very large space to work in, all you need are the basic equipment and enough space to do useful work in.

Some of the basic tools and equipment you will need, depending on the fashion line you choose, in starting a fashion business are thread, needles, sewing machine, chair, table, leather, beads, scissors, and tape rule. As concerns location, working from home might do just fine, but if you choose to get a shop, you need to ensure your shop is located in an area where your target market can easily get to.

6. Register your Fashion Business:

Registering your fashion business is simply non-negotiable. Registering your fashion business helps you prevent unnecessary issues and trouble like having someone steal your business name after you have worked hard to build your brand. 

A registered business is also recognised by law as opposed to an unregistered business and has some benefits unregistered businesses do not have, like access to certain competitions, grants, and loans.

7. Pay Attention to Branding:

The branding of your fashion business is important in determining how your potential customers will view your brand. Everything, from your brand name to your brand colours, slogan, and your brand's social media presence has to show what your brand stands for. 

Since you are just breaking into the market, you have to be intentional about the branding of your business and you have to pass across your brand message in the clearest way possible.

8. Market and Advertise Aggressively:

Marketing and advertising for a startup fashion business is a necessity. To create brand awareness and let people know about your business and come patronise your brand, you have to market your brand very aggressively.

From research, you will know what platforms to use in marketing your brand effectively and hor to get the best results from these platforms.

We know it takes a lot to successfully start and run a fashion business in Nigeria, but we also know that you can do it with the steps above and with lots of determination, persistence, and hard work. Don't let the naysayers get to you, get up and start that fashion business like a boss.




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