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Wondering How To Manage Your Fashion Waste Efficiently, Here's What Fashion Designers Had To Say, And What We Think

June 03, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

In every business that deals in the manufacturing of products, there is bound to be wastage of resources. But knowing how to effectively manage or reduce these wastages is important for business, to avoid losses.

In fashion designing where lots of processes like cutting and draping, amongst others are involved, fashion designers need to be innovative in making use of the leftover fabrics and managing the waste in general.

We spoke to some fashion designers on how they manage their waste efficiently, and if these methods are environment-friendly or not. Here's what they had to say.

Christiana Rotimi-Williams, the creative director and founder of CRW Style had this to say,

"At CRW, we try as much as possible to use our fashion for sustainability and conservation. We use the best method of cutting that makes sure little or no fabric is wasted which leaves enough fabric to design more outfits. However, the leftover fabrics can be used to make accessories, sling bags, scarves, or mixed with other patterns to produce other outfits."

She also shared this with us,

"New concepts are coming up in fashion designing, and one of these concepts is designing outfits in such a way that they can be worn in different ways. This increases the lifespan of the outfits as they are not disposed quickly. Fashion waste could be a great aspect of study and specialization in fashion due to the rise in global warming over the years. Fashion entrepreneurs need to work on new ways of putting waste into good use to promote a healthy environment."

Here's what Omotola Bakare, the creative director of Tola Bakare shared with us;

"I try as much as I can to store up any left over fabric after returning the significant ones to the client. They come in handy as I join them with other fabrics to create designs, either for clients or for creative photoshoots, and I also use them to make throw pillows."

That's not all.

"With these methods, I am able to handle my leftover fabrics in ways that are positive to the environment, that is eco-friendly."

Omowunmi Sowunmi, the creative director of Owunmi Clothings had this to say,

"For leftover fabrics with really nice patterns, I cut out the patterns to make designs on plain colored styles. Other times I make them into easy, simple pieces that I can sell at a cheap rate. Another way I manage the waste in my business is to give my Ankara scraps out to people that make Ankara patch work or basket outfits, or people that do artwork with Ankara scraps. Although some fashion designers sell to people, I don’t. But in the case I am not able to do any of these within 6 months, I just throw the scraps away."

Those are some ways designers are transforming waste and leftover fabrics into beautiful products like scarves, pillows, and so on.

A lot of fashion entrepreneurs are already tackling waste issues in their ways, just like the African Creative Hub whose main raw material is upcycled water, and SoleRebels who uses recycled tyres for shoe soles. Fashion entrepreneurs need to always apply innovative ideas to transform waste and leftover fabrics into new works of art.


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