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What Do Customers Look Out For In Choosing A Fashion Brand To Patronize?

April 15, 2020 | by bolu | 2 Comments

These days, having a fashion brand, whether online or physical is much more than sewing outfits and delivering them to customers. There's a need for customers to be absolutely satisfied with the product and outfit delivered.

For customers to be satisfied, there are certain systems that should have been put in place by the fashion brand, like good customer relations, great branding, professionalism, general management etc.

We spoke with a few people on what they look out for in fashion brands or designers before making the choice to partronize them. Here are their takes:

Tosin Toge, who is a pharmacist, content curator and an avid fashion lover, had this to share with us,

What I look out for the most is the finishing and details of other outfits that has been made by the designer, because neat finishing always gets me! The aesthetics and packaging of the brand also determines if I'll patronise the brand.

Nelson Dada, a photographer and cinematographer had a few things to say on this topic,

Personally, I love a fashion brand that can mix or match colours effortlessly, and make simple designs look classy. I also love when the stitches are very neat and the outfits fitted.

Ogechukwu Okeke, a law student and an energy field enthusiast said,

A fashion brand that can relate well with customers is something I look out for, as well as making unique, comfortable and durable outfits for their customers.

Kikilope Oyewunmi, a film maker and editor, shared this with us,

In patronizing fashion brands, the finishing and style of the outfits is very important to me. I also love when fashion designer pay good attention to details. 

Those are some of the qualities they look out for before patronizing fashion brands. What do you look out for?


Agu lynda ujunwa Commented 7 months, 1 week ago

The finishing, the creativity of the design and also the picture content of the design.

Jay Commented 8 months, 3 weeks ago

Everybody seems to pay attention to the details and stitches.hmm

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