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What Do Clients First Notice On Your Fashion Brand's Website Or Social Media That Makes Them Either Patronize Your Brand Or Not?

April 29, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

In many fashion businesses, it takes more than skills and talent to make the business thrive. Many prospective clients and customers consider some things before patronizing any brand. To designers, these things may seem unimportant, but they help to determine if clients will purchase your products or not.

Whether on e-commerce websites, or walk-in stores, first impressions matter a whole lot, as well as some attributes or qualities of the fashion brand or designer.

This week, we asked different people for takes on what they notice first about fashion brands and how this affects their decisions to patronize them. These are their responses;

Nifemi Fadugbagbe, a student and aspiring food business owner, had this to say,

"Personally, I do a quick check of their page and see if their outfits are made for my body type and if the outfits look very pretty. If the clothes don't look pretty enough to appeal to me or my body size, I would definitely not patronize them because I believe that it wouldn't flatter me."

Seun Bello, a final year medical student, shared this with us,

"To an extent, the logo of the fashion brand affects if I'll patronize the brand or not, but if they have good reviews, it might not affect it much. Then, I also consider the proximity of the brand to me, for the sake of delivery. If  it isn't located near me then I'd rather just choose a fashion brand that has better reviews and is close to me."

Kevwe Ogini, a nutritionist and artist who has a keen sense of fashion, shared this with us,

"The first thing I notice about a fashion brand is the style of their outfits, if it fits into my personal style. Then, I look out for the brand itself; if the outfits look organized or are shabby, and if they look legitimate too. If they don't make outfits to suit my personal style, I definitely wouldn't patronize them. And if the brand doesn't look too organized, if they don't have good pictures to promote their outfits, I don't just bother."

Damilola Okanlawon, a fashion-savvy student, had this to say,

"For me, a fashion brand website has to pop with colors, making the page lively and catchy. The initial prices I see also, helps me know if the brand is within my budget or not and the pictures used to showcase the brand products also matter a lot. If I'm not satisfied with all of these, chances that I would patronize the brand is slim."

Jola Bello, a model, makeup artist, and singer, had this to say,

"Only one thing really matters to me when checking out a fashion brand - their catalogue. The display of outfits and colours on the catalogue have to be lit. If they're not, I won't patronize the brand."

Toluwalase Akinluyi, a physiotherapist, shared her opinions with us,

"The first thing I notice about a fashion brand is their content, in terms of the product pictures. Fascinating pictures definitely gets one's attention, but attention to details keeps one glued. Good, clean details mean there's a high chance that I will patronize the brand, if not, I don't."

As a fashion entrepreneur, always remember that presentation goes a long way in either attracting or repelling clients from your brand. Arranging your products in an attractive manner and having great quality images on your social media pages are very important.


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