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#WesternFashion - Here's How The Cecilie Bahnsen Fashion Brand Is Using Unique Fabrics To Change The Face Of Fashion Internationally

May 14, 2020 | by Iyin | 0 Comments

Who says fashion has to be done the conventional way? Many times, creating a fashion brand that is unique and different from others means breaking out of the 'normal' fashion mould and creating one of your own.

This could mean infusing other items into your outfits, telling amazing stories through the clothes you make, recreating new pieces from old ones or using a different fabric from others. The latter is exactly what the Copehagen based fashion brand, Cecilie Bahnsen, did.

Copenhagen native, Cecilie Bahnsen, founded her eponymous fashion label on her return to her home town in 2015. Cecilie Bahnsen, who was an LVMH prize finalist, attended the Royal College of Arts in London and started her fashion brand after working in couture houses in Paris.


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As with every other successful designer, she had a plan in mind when starting the label. Her aim was, and still is, "to craft effortless clothes that last and that can transform the wearer, with unexpected combinations of softness and structure, minimal and maximal, perfect and imperfect."

Every collection the fashion brand brings out is built on the previous one to develop outfits that can be cherished for years and passed between friends. These outfits can be restyled and reinterpreted to express the individuality of its wearer.

What makes the Cecilie Bahnsen Brand Unique?

The Cecilie Bahnsen fashion brand is one that "operates at the intersection of couture and ready-to-wear to create luxury clothing with a relaxed, timeless style." The brand specialises in using unique fabric that are hand designed to create looks that are a deviation from conventional fashion.

Cecilie Bahnsen creations are usually spotted by the angelic look they give their wearers with lots of volume and sculptural silhouettes infused into them. The designs celebrate the traditions of fine French fashion and the design culture of Scandinavia to offer a contemporary take on femininity.


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Cecilie Bahnsen Collections

The Cecilie Bahnsen brand has over 8 collections under their belt. As is their usual style, their collections are made of outfits that are voluminous in styles ranging from ball skirts to exaggerated sleeves and are made with white, black, pink and yellow fabric.

Let's take a look at 5 of her collections;

1. Spring Summer 2020 Collection:

The Spring Summer 2020 collection contains outfits made from smocked cotton, blended silk and pleated organza in yellow, black and white fabric. Tailored blazers and dresses with puffy sleeves and full skirts are the order of the day in this collection.

The outfits here give off a feminine feel in comfortable and remarkable silhouettes.

2. Fall Winter 2020 Collection:

In the Fall Winter 2020 collection, Cecilie Bahnsen, in addition to her usual theme, brought out a new twist in her designs. Infusing a mix of metallic fabrics with form fitting and corsetted silhouettes into her designs brought out a welcome side to the brand. 

In this collection, the brand produced knitted sweaters that can easily be worn with jeans or a dress.

3. Spring Summer 2020 Collection:

In this collection, Cecilie Bahnsen infused hand-tied ostrich-feather into her collection. With dresses in white, black and pink, the collection has a restful aura about it. 

The silk-organza dresses in this collections were designed with an elastic smocking technique that made them spongy and clingy. 

4. Fall Winter 2019 Collection:

With this collection, Cecilie Bahnsen decided to deviate a little from her usual style and added a bit of mystery to her outfits. The outfits in this collection features rougher textures, like crochet and ribbing for knitwear, than is her usual style. 

5. Spring Summer 2019 Collection:

As is her style, this collection had childlike qualities to it. With her signature poufy sleeves, tie-backs, peplums and dramatically full skirts, Cecilie Bahnsen created magical outfits from this collection.

The brand decided to avoid black, which is a usual in their collections, completely and instead stayed with white fabrics with blue and green floral print on them.

What's to learn from the Cecilie Bahnsen Fashion Brand?

The Cecilie Bahnsen fashion brand shows that you can use unusual and unconventional fabric in all of your outfits and still draw attention to yourself and your brand. Sometimes, it's ok to deviate from what everyone is doing and infuse new themes, designs and materials into your collections.

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