Mauvelli | Kais Divo Fashion Collection Review. Was It A Hit Or Miss?

Using The Colours Of A National Flag Strictly For A Collection? Here's How Kais Divo Made It Work.

September 16, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

Just like a musician releases new tracks and albums steadily for people to resonate with their sound and appreciate it, fashion designers also release collections to express their creativity. In the fashion industry, asides designing clothes, making accessories or styling individuals, fashion entrepreneurs need to showcase their products to a large audience.

During fashion weeks or shows, fashion designers have the opportunity to showcase their creativity through the fine cuts, silhouettes and proportions of their designed outfits. Kaijuka Abbas is the creative director and founder of Kais Divo, and in recognising the importance of showcasing one's creativity, he released a fashion collection.

Was the collection well thought out? Is it similar to any of the collections previously released by other African designers? Should he have simply kept the designs and released them at a much later time? Here's our honest review.

About Kais Divo

Kais Divo is a fashion brand located in Uganda that deals in modern and classy ready-to-wear outfits for both men and women. Their outfits are largely inspired by the latest trends in the fashion industry while infusing a bit of the African culture and heritage.

The fashion brand is owned and creatively directed by Kaijuka Abbas, a popular celebrity designer and stylist who draws most of his inspiration from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. 


Typically, fashion designers showcase their collections on runway shows or even fashion weeks, but due to the present conditions of the world, fashion designers have had to adapt to a new normal. Just like Anifa Mvuemba delivered her collection virtually using digital models on her Instagram Live, Kaijuka Abbas also delivered a virtual show, using real models this time, on his Instagram Live and YouTube channel.

According to him, his intention for the virtual show was to transport the viewers back to when it was normal to walk on a red carpet in a frothy gown with adoring paparazzi flashing away.

The outfits in the collection were showcased by different models.


The SS21 collection, which is the Hope Collection, was designed for the modern woman. The outfits, which are very glamorous indeed, are designed to be worn to classy and bougie events like red carpet events, movie premieres and many more.

The outfits feature a range of trendy styles such as the high-low, puffed sleeves, halter-neck styles and many more, and this shows that a particular mood was decided on before starting this collection.

This collection also features mainly dresses made with a range of fabrics such as organza, latex leather, tulle, and many others, and was draped in abstract ways to give off a fantasy look.

Design Inspiration 

Having birthed the thought of this collection during the coronavirus and lockdown period, most of the design inspiration came from wanting to celebrate the resilience of every individual who has and still is fighting to end this pandemic.

"Fashion has always been an escape from the gloom and turmoil going on around us, and this collection is doing the most to evoke positivity, and most importantly, hope that this too shall pass." - Kaijuka Abbas

Just like Anifa Mvuemba utilised in her digital collection as well, Kaijuka Abbas also worked with fabrics around the colour palette of the national colours of Uganda - black, yellow and red.

This collection is an expression of the deep thoughts of almost everyone in the world right now, and with the fine cuts and details, the outfits were delivered excellently. Also, Kaijuka Abbas utilised the various trends in the fashion industry, therefore making this collection a well thought out one.



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