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Throwback Thursday - Guess Which Outfits Are Back In Style? Pleated Outfits

April 02, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

Have you been looking for new trends to infuse in your fashion collection or catalogue as a fashion designer ? Well, search no further as we're here to inform you that pleated outfits are now back in style!

A pleat is a type of fold formed by doubling fabric back upon itself and securing it in place; it can take up different looks. There are many types of pleats in outfits ranging from the accordion-like or knife-like pleats which makes the outfit fuller, the box pleats which gives the appearance of a bulkier seam, the cartridge pleats, which is formed by gathering a large amount of fabric into a small waistband without making the seam appear bulkier, the fulte pleats, the organ pleats, the honeycomb pleats and many more.

In the 19th century in Ancient Egypt, textiles were being pleated for the dresses and tunics of rulers, as a show of power and wealth. In Ancient Greece, the fustanella, which is a traditional pleated skirt-like garment was worn by ceremonial miltary units. It was also worn in Albanie, and many nations in Southern Europe.

Before the advent of pleating machines, all pleats had to be done by hand, and because the fabrics were natural fibres, that is, cotton, wool and silk, when the dresses were washed, the pleats went away. As a result of this, the entire pleating process was a struggle and considered a luxury for those who could afford it.

However, since the advent of pleating machines, the entire process is now simpler and pleated outfits are now available to a larger population.

So how did pleats make a comeback into the modern fashion scene?

Featuring in many fashion shows, such as the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and many more, pleated outfits became widely popular, and the fact that various celebrities rocked pleated outfits made the comeback even smoother.

We understand that pleats are used widely in skirts whether midi or maxi, so one probably thinks the styling options for pleats are restricted. But, it would interest you to know that pleats in one-shoulder dresses and cropped tops are mindblowing too.

Jumpsuits and rompers have also not been left out of this, as pleated jumpsuits are popular now too, and this is understandable because jumpsuits on their own are making a classy comeback too! 

For fashion designers in Nigeria and other parts of the world, utilising trends is very important  to help keep your clients in style.





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