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This Is How Organisers Of Fashion Shows Are Leveraging Technology To Make Sure Their Shows Continue

March 30, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

The Shangai Fashion Week is a fashion show that aims to promote local and international fashion designers by showcasing their collections to an audience, which includes top designers in the fashion industry. The fashion week, which is a part of the Shangai International Fashion Culture Festival, takes place in Shangai twice a year, and moments are captured for seven days.

Since 2011, over 500 designers have been hosted at the Shangai Fashion Week, and they have been able to create a network and community of emerging and top designers in the fashion world, who could serve as mentors also.. The event is organised by the Shangai Textile Group, with support from the Shangai Ministry of Commerce , as well as the Shangai Municipal Government.

The importance of the Shangai Fashion Week cannot be overstated, which is why when they announced an online show, it was widely accepted. It's no news that to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus, many events, including fashion shows have been cancelled or postponed, so having a live streamed fashion show is the better option.

The organisers of the Shangai Fashion Week have made it the first ever digitally livestreamed fashion show, which makes it something worth celebrating.

So how did the fashion show go?

Through a live stream, over 150 fashion designers and brands were able to showcase thousands of products from their collections through an online catwalk session. The catwalk session did not violate any government rules, as the organisers employed the use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to give viewers the best experience. In collaboration with Taobao, an Alibaba Group affiliate,and Tmall, which is a widely known as the biggest online marketplace for businesses, viewers from all over the world can shop the different collections showcased in the virtual market room.

Organisers of Nigerian fashion shows can definitely make use of this initiative to showcase various fashion designers and collections.

In this age and times, technology can be utilised properly to suit your purpose. Fashion designers, event planners, even fashion models can organise meetings and conferences online without having the constraint of a not being able to meet physically. Check out some fashion-tech trends that would definitely be helpful. 



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