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Thinking of Restocking Your Collection? Rompers And Jumpsuits Are Making a Big Comeback!

March 30, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

A romper, as you may already know, is a one-piece or two-piece combination of a shirt and a short, it is also known as a playsuit. A jumpsuit, on the other hand, is the combination of a shirt and long pants, so it's basically the longer version of a romper.

Initially, rompers were made for babies because they were very comfortable, easy to wear, and the fabrics used to manufacture them were easy to wash. They were also known as onesies. But overtime, in the 1940's, they became a popular fashion trend, and many ladies rocked the rompers effortlessly.

The jumpsuits started off as an outfit for astronauts, skydivers, pilots and military officials in the 18th century, but became a common everyday outfit in the 1940's for both men and women.

Lots of fashion brands were showcasing jumpsuits, and they became a popular outfit worn by celebrities and entertainers.

The jumpsuits and rompers then were not particularly chic and classy, as they had not been initially made to serve that purpose, and for this reason, they started fading away in the fashion scene in the 1990's. Women started investing more in spandex leggings, biker shorts, crop tops that were chic and feminine, and soon forgot all about rompers and jumpsuits.

However, fashion styes always make a comeback no matter what, and that's exactly what the rompers and jumpsuits did. Around 2011, the rompers and jumpsuits made a huge comeback and they have not faded away ever since!

But the rompers amd jumpsuits were definitely reviewed and modernised, as they are now made with lightweight fabrics, with stylish patterns and a burst of attractive colours.

There have been various modifications to the rompers; the new maxi rompers are regular rompers that have a train attached to the lower part, making it seem like a mixture of a maxi dress and a romper. The offshoulder, open back, wrap style , formal rompers are some of the modifications that have also been made to the regular rompers.

The jumpsuits have also been made to fit tday's modern fashion. Fashion designers have tweaked the design of old, regular jumpsuits, and now we have halter necks, v-necks, strapless, offshoulder, and many more jumpsuits that are fashionable and chic.

African designers have also not been left out of this trend as we have noticed lots of jumpsuits with African prints, traditional embroidery and embellishments.

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The rompers and jumpsuits are a fashion trend that are here to stay, and it would be great if fashion designers make good use of them, as they can do a lot for your future collections.


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