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Thinking Of Building A Fashion Website? Digital Product Designer, Ladipo Odunsi, Shares Important Features You Should Have In Place

September 09, 2020 | by Iyin | 0 Comments

The internet is an amazing place to be. It is one that you can find almost anything on. People visit the internet for various reasons, and one of them is to buy products. As a fashion entrepreneur, this provides a great opportunity for you to sell your brand to the right people and increase sales

This week, we spoke with Digital Product Designer, Ladipo Odunsi, on the most important components and features every fashion website should have. 

Mr Ladipo Odunsi is a Digital Product Designer at eTranzact International Plc. with vast experience in UX, Motion, and Visual design, as well as Front-End Web Development. He is also a freelance web designer with experience in building fashion websites.

What is a Website?

According to him, "A website is a collection of webpages, documents, or files that can be accessed via the internet." Depending on the type of website you build for your brand - an e-commerce fashion shop or a lookbook type of website - customers can interact with your brand in various ways. 

Your fashion website must always have a comprehensive brand identity.

What are the Important Components a Fashion Website Should Have? 

The important components of a fashion website vary based on the priority of the website. Generally, though, the hero section, the navigation, and the call to action on the website are the most important components.

For example, if your fashion brand runs an e-commerce fashion store,

- The hero section sets precedence for what to expect on the other parts of the website. It is a large oversized web banner image that is pinned towards the top of the webpage.

The content on your hero section must be as clear and captivating as possible to keep every visitor to your website hooked at first glance because it is usually the first thing visitors see when they come to your site.

- You have to make sure navigation throughout your website is easy without visitors needing any help to perform actions. This means that everything, from the viewing of products on your website to the purchasing of items must be easy and stress-free. 

The longer it takes customers to navigate through your website the lesser the chances of retaining that customer. 

- Your website should have a call to action that compels customers to make a purchase. Something that catches their attention and makes them want to patronise your brand.

What Features Make a Fashion Website Easy to Use for Both the Entrepreneurs and Visitors? 

1. Great Navigation

It is paramount for users to be able to move around the different components of your website easily and unassisted. No one wants to interact for long with a website that is hard to navigate through or is too complex. Making it easy for users to navigate through your site is key. 

2. High-Quality Images

Having high-quality images on your fashion website helps pass across the message of your brand to customers. You need to make sure that all your product images are clear and catchy to entice visitors to make a purchase.

3. Social Media Extensions

Social media extensions to your website are also important to increase traffic. When customers can easily move from your social media platforms to your website and vice versa, it makes their experience with your brand a whole lot better. 

What Features Make it Easy for Fashion Entrepreneurs to Connect Effectively with Clients Through Their Website? 

To connect effectively with customers and prospective customers via your website, you need to tailor your content to your user needs. You need to know what it is that they want and what they hope to get from visiting your website. 

Also, you make everything you write on your site as easy to understand as possible. 

Your content is king!

Visitors to your website will only stay on your website if your content is relatable and easy to understand. For example, an e-commerce fashion website may not necessarily need an about us page as it is not the priority of the user when visiting your website.

Always consider the needs of your customers and prioritise them when building your website. You should consider excluding anything that is not important from your website.

What is the Importance of Having a Fashion Website?

With a website, your fashion brand can reach your target market on a larger scale.

Research shows that 75% of the world population spends at least 5-6 hours a day on the internet. This means that if your fashion brand has an online presence, the chances of reaching more people is increased.

In closing, Mr Odunsi said, "Before you build a website, you need to conduct a user-survey to pinpoint the trends and needs of your customers and prospectives to know whether your website solves their problem. Sometimes you might not necessarily need a website because managing a website requires adequate manpower and is sometimes very time-consuming."



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