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The Role And Influence Of Fashion Shows On The Fashion Industry

June 19, 2020 | by Iyin | 0 Comments

When you think of a fashion show, what comes to mind first? Is it the dazzling models, the catwalks, the chic, glamorous, and sometimes over-the-top designs, or the prestige of it all? Fashion shows are associated with a lot of things in the fashion industry and for good reason.

Over the decades, as fashion has evolved in new and beautiful ways, fashion shows have morphed from what they used to be to what they are now. Fashion shows now, unlike in the beginning when they were organised in private, are full of buzz and lots of paparazzi. 

As times are changing and the world is evolving and adjusting the new normal of using technology for almost anything, fashion shows are evolving as well. Fashion shows and fashion weeks are now being held online to showcase new designs and address global issues. The fashion industry, it seems, wants to hold on to fashion shows no matter the form its in.

But, what exactly is the use of fashion shows and what influence do they have on the fashion industry?

The Importance of Fashion Shows for Fashion Brands

1. Publicity

Fashion shows are a great way for fashion designers to gain publicity for their brands. With creative designs that draw the attention of the audience, designers can use the fashion show runway to show off a particular mood or aesthetic or to even show off their point of view of fashion. 

With the right amount of creativity infused into the brand's designs at a fashion show, the name of that brand will be on the lips of everyone around.

2. Prestige

With every fashion show comes an amount of prestige for fashion brands in participation. Since not every fashion brand can afford a runway show, the established and upcoming brands that can pull it off can gain some prestige with the right design combination.

3. Brand Stories

Having a great brand story is important for fashion brands who wish to connect with their audience on a more personal level. Fashion shows provide a great platform for fashion brands to tell their brand stories through the designs they display. 

4. Marketing

When it comes to marketing a fashion brand and introducing it to a new audience, fashion shows can be a great marketing platform. Fashion designers are able o showcase what they have in stock and attract the attention of those that love the designs.

Through fashion shows, fashion designers can showcase their craftsmanship and design to attract customers and possible business partners to themselves to establish cooperative relationships.

5. Networking

What better place to meet with other players in the fashion industry than at a fashion show? Fashion shows call for the big names in the industry from fashion investors to fashion photographers, top fashion brands, models, and other fashion designers.

Through networking at fashion shows, fashion designers can find opportunities for collaboration with other players in the industry.

The Influence of Fashion Shows on The Fashion Industry

1. Fashion Trends:

A lot of the trends we see come and go in the fashion industry were influenced by designs seen on the runway during fashion shows. Fashion designers, through fashion shows, pave the way for the fashion industry to move to new heights.

If designers didn't have fashion shows to display their creativity and new design ideas, the fashion industry's growth would have been much slower. Though now, many designers are pushing for slow fashion, fashion shows, no matter how limited, will still inform trends in the fashion industry.

2. A Platform to Pass Across a Message

As fashion evolves and more fashion designers emerge, fashion shows provide a platform for fashion designers to the story of their brand identity. As more customers connect to these fashion brands through their story, they will invest in these brands and thus grow the industry in one way or the other.

Through their choice of theme or design aesthetic, fashion brands can tell their brand story to a ready audience at fashion shows.

The future of fashion shows might see fashion becoming more personal, fewer structures being put in place, and runways becoming obsolete as fashion shows go digital, but for now, fashion shows are here to stay.


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