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The Lagos Leather Fair 2020, Sustainability Beyond Fabrics Webinar And Other Events You Can Attend This Week

October 19, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

Whether at the start of the week, or during the week, it is quite important as fashion entrepreneurs to attend various events ranging from fashion, business, and others to grow your brand. Events such as the circular fashion and marketing strategy webinars which held last week would have equipped the attendees with various tips and insights about running a brand, and the fashion industry at large.

We also understand that as fashion entrepreneurs with busy schedules, it may be easy to miss these events beforehand, but we have got you covered. Here is a list of events happening all around the world this week, and the value they would add to both you and your brand, as a fashion entrepreneur.

Lagos Leather Fair 2020

The Lagos Leather Fair is an annual retail showcase of West Africa’s leading brands, and this year’s edition, with the theme “Redefining The Narrative”, is designed to provide a new perspective to the range and dynamism of the Nigerian leather space.

The event which is a 4-day one would feature a trade show style virtual exhibition of West Africa’s leading leather designers, conversations, masterclasses as well as 15-minute sessions with industry experts and thought leaders. The event is holding from October 22 till October 25, and you can click here to register.

What The Finances: What Women Entrepreneurs Need To Know About Money

The aspect of balancing your personal and work finances is an aspect of the fashion industry that cannot be overstated. Many fashion entrepreneurs face blocks in their businesses which stem from, perhaps, undercharging for a service or not being able to properly manage finances, and this usually causes setbacks.

This event is designed to tackle those issues as the 3 main financial growth blocks with women entrepreneurs, personal credit for business owners, cash flow management strategies and many more would be discussed.

The event is set to hold on October 21 by 6 pm, and to attend this event, click here to register.

Business, Evolution And Diversification Of The Modeling Industry

As you may already know, the modelling industry is an integral part of the fashion industry as they help to showcase timeless pieces and outfits to a large audience. This event would cover how social media platforms like Instagram, Tiktok and many more influence the landscape of fashion and modelling.

With Jawahar Chirimar, who is the chairman of ONE Management, a world-leading modelling brand, the event would focus on how the industry has diversified, evolved and how fashion entrepreneurs, generally, can be inclusive. Happening on October 23 by 12:30, you can click here to register.

Fashion Meets Health - Holistic Approach To Personal Branding

Madison AVAZA is a brand that bravely posits fashion and health by incorporating means of communicating identity into their approach to wellbeing. They are the organisers of this event. This event is designed to help professionals and creatives, including fashion entrepreneurs, create an authentic personal brand.

The event would bridge the outcomes to personal goals, emotional intelligence as well as healthy living to create programs that stay true to one’s self. Happening on October 22 by noon, you can click here to register.

Sustainability Beyond The Fabric

How do you embed sustainability into your fashion brand beyond mere textile choices? Supply Compass, the organisers of this event, designed it to focus on how fashion brands can incorporate more sustainable practices beyond textile choices.

In this webinar also, various fashion experts would be looking at the criticality of plastics in our oceans and how fashion brands can make use of innovation in this space to make more robust sustainable choices across their brands. The event is holding on October 22 by 5 pm, and you can click here to register.

Those are some of the events happening all through the week that can add value to both you and your fashion brand, as a fashion entrepreneur.


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