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The Importance And Influence Of Fashion Photography On The Fashion Industry

June 26, 2020 | by Iyin | 0 Comments

Photography and the fashion industry are highly intertwined with each other. Not only is photography an important aspect of fashion shows and product launches, but it is also very important in building a brand. 

Fashion photography can capture both the said and unsaid aspects of fashion and is a brand tool fashion designers can use to their advantage. Owing to its artistic value to fashion, it is a tool that both individual fashion brands and the fashion industry as a whole has benefitted from.

The Importance of Photography for Fashion Brands

1. It Helps Tell the Brand Story of Fashion Brands

Every successful brand has a brand story. To connect with the right target audience, the brand needs to communicate its brand story right.

Through photography, and the right combination of styling, makeup, location, and an artistic vision, a fashion brand can communicate its story to the right audience. Many times what draws clients to a brand is seeing photos of the works of the brand and looking to see if it appeals to them.

Through storytelling by photography, a brand can appeal to their client's emotions and connect with them on a level that is beyond just selling products.

2. It is an Effective Marketing Tool

Without photography, it will be highly difficult for fashion entrepreneurs to market their brands effectively. With the aid of photographs, though, the photos do the marketing without much hassle. This is why having quality photos of products is a non-negotiable tool for marketing.

Through photography, fashion brands can use social media platforms to showcase their designs to the world and communicate what their brand is all about to the public. They are also able to get feedback from clients on designs and know what works and what doesn't. This is communications and there is no marketing without communication.

3. It Connects Fashion to Culture

Fashion and culture often influence another. People connect both to their culture and fashion and marrying these two together through photography can be magical.

Through photography, a fashion brand can draw from cultural surroundings and connect them to their clothing. Through photography, also, fashion brands can show the culture they connect with to draw clients in their direction.

When a photograph rightly connects a particular culture to clothing, it brings a combination that cannot be ignored easily.

4. It Communicates the Core Values of Fashion Brands

Photography is an art that often can speak a thousand words. Through photographs, fashion customers can see if their core values are the same as that of a particular fashion brand. 

Since fashion customers love to connect with brands on a deeper level than just through buying clothes, photography can be used to promote a brand's core value to bring that emotional attachment to light.

The Influence of Photography on the Fashion Industry

1. It has Taken Fashion Around the World

As popular fashion spreads all around the world, the fashion industry grows bigger. With photography, fashion clients from around the world can attend every fashion show without really being there.

Fashion customers can inspect outfits and decide on what style of the moment they will like to infuse in their wardrobes, thereby making the world a global fashion village. With photography, fashion lovers can follow their favourite fashion houses from around the world and make purchases of fashion items which in turn grows the industry.

2. It has Built the Online Fashion Community

Fashion articles and blogs go a long way in keeping fashionistas up to date on fashion and getting more people involved in fashion. With photographs, fashion blogs can incorporate pictures of various fashion shows and products in their post and increase fashion lovers' interest in fashion.

As fashion customers fall more and more in love with fashion through these blogs, they will increasingly invest in the fashion industry and grow it. Fashion professionals are now able to post photos of their work on their social media platforms and have customers give feedback in no time.

3. It Promotes Fashion Trends

Many fashion trends are birthed in fashion shows and the abundance of photographers at fashion shows helps spread these trends around the world. With each trend that spreads among fashion lovers, the fashion industry grows and expands.

As our world becomes more advanced and more digitally inclined, fashion photography remains a big part of the fashion industry and it is one that is here to stay.


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