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Take A Look At Some Of The Things A Fashion Designer Should Consider Before Setting Up A Fashion Brand

April 17, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

Just like Esther Bankyu, Founder of PreggyFashionNG, highlighted at the Fashion Evolve Conference held by Mauvelli last weekend, the fashion designing business is moving away from being just a regular skill to pass time, to a lucrative job.

Fashion designing these days, is way more than sewing outfits and delivering to customers, which is why certain things have to be put in place and some factors have to be considered before starting a fashion brand. 

Speaking with fashion designers made us understand some things fashion designers need to consider before setting up a fashion brand. We hope you gain a thing or two from this;

Ruth Olawoyin, the creative director of Ribbons And Stitches, a brand that caters to the fashion needs of contemporary women and kids, shared this with us,

"Lots of things have to be considered before setting up a fashion brand, some of them are in depth market research, creating a marketing strategy, acquiring the necessary tools and equipment. Also, setting business goals to achieve after a period of time should be topmost."

Omotola Bakare, a student physiotherapist and the creative director of Tola Bakare, a fashion brand that creates stylish outfits for classy and influential clients, had this to say,

"First, a fashion brand has to be original, therefore coming up with styles and designs that'll help your brand achieve this is very important. Then, thorough market research also helps."

Christiana Rotimi-Williams, a nutritionist and the creative director of CRW Style, said this to us,

"Personally, I think knowing who your target customers or population is is very important, then having a specific location where prospective clients can reach out to you, as well as writing out a good business plan for your fashion business goes a long way in setting up a fashion brand."

Adeola Akande, the creative director of Mho Threads, shared this with us,

"Attaining a master level in fashion designing is priority before starting a fashion brand. Also, understanding the market base and the economic capacity of the environment and clients is important. Figuring out who your target customers are should also be considered."

There you have it, the things these fashion designers think are necessary to consider before starting a fashion brand. What do you think are the top things a fashion designer should consider before starting a fashion brand?


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