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Take A Look At Some Of The Events Happening This Week That Can Benefit You Highly, As A Fashion Entrepreneur

August 31, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

Attending events as a business owner, especially in the fashion industry, helps you get exposure and avenues to interact and connect with like-minded individuals. In that light, here are some of the events happening all around that you can benefit from, as a fashion brand owner.

Startups And SME Access To Finance And Growth Capital

For small or medium-sized business owners, accessing grants or funds or any other form of finance can be really helpful to the brand. This event is being organised by One Africa Network, which is a membership-based social development organisation that focuses on issues that affect entrepreneurs.

The event would feature a panel discussion which would explore innovative and alternative inclusive financing options for brand owners, in various industries, including the fashion industry. With various experts around business development and finance, this event would also help to tackle small businesses poor financial controls and management practices, amongst others.

Happening on the 3rd of September by 6 pm, you can click here to register.

Building A Career In Sustainability

Organised by New Lens Coaching, which is a company that sims to growg small and medium-sized brands, this event focuses on the effect of sustainability in everyday life. This webinar is designed to provide support, community and interaction with participants.

Just like you may already know, sustainable fashion is one aspect in the fashion industry, where brand owners take into great consideration the effects of processes and products on the general environment. Interested participants will get to learn the skills to acquire to build a successful sustainable brand.

The event is taking place on September 2 by 9 pm. To register, click here.

Leadership Communication In The Virtual World

It's no news that the pandemic brought with it an opening for the digital and virtual world. Most employees and brand owners could stay at home and effectively get the work done, while some could not.

As a fashion brand owner, having to communicate with your fashion illustrator, for example, could be done virtually instead of having a physical meeting. This webinar, which is organised by Turpin Communication, aims to provide insights and tools to help brand owners home their unique brand of leadership communication and executive presence.

With communication and entrepreneurship experts, the event would also focus on how to brand a business professionally.

The event is slated to hold on September 2 by 4 pm. You can click here to register.

How To Double Your Startup Valuation

The Startup Course, an entrepreneurial training company dedicated to creating the next generation of innovators and job creators globally, is organising this event for startup owners, and SME owners to attend. This event would allow participants to get an overview of a research-backed framework and methodology, as well as learn about the most important aspects of launching, scaling a startup and raising funds.

Participants would also get an opportunity to pitch and get feedback on how to improve their business pitches for more success.

The event is slated to hold on September 3 by 3 pm. Click here to register.

How To Secure Sponsorships For Startups

Hustle and Heels is a business and career consultancy platform dedicated to supporting individuals to build sustainable and profitable businesses. They do this by providing the tools and resources to do so.

This event aims to help business owners understand how to obtain sponsorships, by defining value proposition, determining what sponsors should know, understanding sponsorship offering ideas and many more.

Taking place on September 3 by 6 pm, you can click here to register.

Those are some of the events happening around that you can leverage as a business owner, to scale the growth of your brand.


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