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Styles Of The Moment - Head Wraps, Wrapper Outfit, Hand-Crafted Embroidery, Back Criss-Cross, Two-Piece

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We understand how hard it may be to get mind-blowing styles for that outing or party! But, never to worry, Mauvelli is your go-to spot for these designs. With the Style Of The Moment column by Mauvelli that features stunning styles with unique elements, all your fashion style needs are taken care of.

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Head Wraps  

Headwraps are worn by men and women, but mostly women, to cover their head or hair. Although initially, head wraps were commonly worn by Muslim women for religious and cultural purposes, they are now worn by a vast majority of women to serve functional purposes.

From protecting women's scalps to being a total fashion statement, head wraps made with cotton, polyester, silk, velvet and many more usually turn out great! Just like in the image above, matching colour of your head wrap with your outfit can be used to achieve that unique look.

Wrapper Outfit 

In case you didn't know, the wrapper outfit in Nigeria is what is popularly known as Iro and Buba. The ensemble which comprises of a top, popular known as Buba, and a wrapper tied around the waist, Iro, is evolving effortlessly in these modern times.

This traditional outfit which can be linked to older women attending traditional functions is now being designed with modern fabrics and styles to give a unique look. With flared sleeves, puffed sleeves, and many others which can be infused in the Buba, the ensemble gives off a contemporary look, and can, therefore, be worn to almost any occasion.

Whether you want to pull off a yummy mummy look, or a single lady look, the wrapper outfit has got you covered!

Hand-Crafted Embroidery 

Embroidery is used to decorate different forms of clothing for the main purpose of adding uniqueness and creativity to the outfit. Whether done by hand or with a machine, textiles that are embroidered develop good resistance to washing and excellent durability, and this is one of the reasons why we love them!

When embroidered fabrics mixed with other fabrics, like velvet and cashmere, are used to design outfits, the finished outfit turns out sleek. Just like in the image above where the embroidered fabric was mixed with different fabrics to achieve an asymmetrical look, this style is definitely one to have.

Back Criss-Cross 

Just like in the Criss-Cross neckline style, the back Criss-Cross is another style we are absolutely loving! Most crotchet designers these days make use of this style to achieve outstanding looks for their pieces, and we must say, outstanding they are!

The back criss-cross style features an open space at the back of the outfit, which is then laced together by the same fabric used to make the outfit or a similar one. This style can be infused in dresses or just simple tops to add an extra flair to the outfit.


We definitely love our two pieces! A two-piece is an outfit, usually made with matching fabrics, that makes up the entire look of the outfit. What do we mean? With a two-piece, the only extra things that are needed are the accessories to pair with the outfit.

Ranging from tops and skirts to tops and trousers, two-pieces, depending on the designer, achieves a comfortable and chic look when worn.

Can't wait to try these styles? Do let us know the ones you would be trying out in the comment section below.

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