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Styles Of The Moment - Brown Lace, Tulle Skirts, Hidden Button-Down Style, Free Tops, Apron Dress

July 29, 2020 | by bolu | 1 Comment

As many experts say, clothes can communicate volumes about a person, and the designs worn by people can express their sense of fashion either positively or negatively. 

So, in that case, do you need outfit inspirations to communicate your style and elegance? This column was designed to keep you updated on the latest styles of the moment, and how to rock them.

Let's get down to it then!

Brown Lace 

In women's fashion these days, a brown net-like fabric is commonly used for the neckline or the sleeves of an outfit. What this fabric does is to give the appearance of a more natural look, because the fabric resembles the person's skin tone.

What we love about this fabric also is the versatility, it can be paired with other fabrics like Ankara, sequins and so on, without looking out of place. Just like in the picture above, the dominant fabric can also be added to the brown lace to give a unique twist to the outfit.

Tulle Skirts  

Tulle skirts are generally made with a lightweight, sheer woven mesh fabric that is opaque and is stiff enough to stand firmly away from the body. These fabrics, which can be nylon or polyester, can be used to design bridal veils or tiered skirts.

Although normally worn by ballet dancers, tulle skirts are now enjoying a style resurgence as many creative directors and fashion designers seem to be employing this style more. Sgtc clothing designs detachable tulle skirts in the form of a belt, and as shown below, tulle mixed with African wax print fabrics also gives an extra colour pop!

Hidden Button-Down Style

Buttons are necessary as a fastener in outfits, and they also serve as a decorative function to add a fashionable statement to clothing. However, in outfit designs, do the buttons have to be visible all the time? Can they be hidden beneath a layer of fabric while remaining stylish?

Yes, they certainly can! The hidden button-down style can be utilized in men and women's fashion, especially with fabrics that have remarkable patterns, just like we can see below.

Free Tops 

Nothing beats being able to dress comfortably whenever you feel like, and the Ankara free tops, are essentially the right outfit for this. Free tops are designed to be loose and chic at the same time.

One advantage of this style is that it doesn't require a lot of expertise, so it can be easily made by many fashion designers. It can also be a DIY process if you feel like getting creative. We also love how this style readily meets the needs of modern-day women!

Apron Dress 

You may probably be thinking of how an apron dress can make a fashion statement in this modern world, and we're here to show you how!

An apron dress is one that is simply designed to be worn over the head and tied at the back or the sides. The apron dress can be worn over an existing outfit, just to add extra style to the outfit, and prevent it from looking too simple or drab. When designed with African wax prints, these styles tend to add more flare to an outfit, therefore taking it from a zero to a hundred!

And those are our styles of the moment for this week. Would you be rocking any of these soon? Do let us know in the comment section!

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