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Styles Of The Moment - Adire, Ruffles, Mixed Fabrics, Cropped Tops, Pinafore

July 23, 2020 | by bolu | 1 Comment

Are you on the lookout for sizzling hot styles to rock to your next event? Or perhaps, you just love to stay updated on the latest trends in the African fashion scene? Either way, Mauvelli has got you covered with the Style Of The Moment column.

What does this column cover?

In the style of the moment column, we dish out popular and intriguing styles and outfits being rocked at the moment in the fashion scene. We have previously looked at wide-leg trousers, corsets, aso-oke and many more, and the numerous ways in which they can be worn.

So, let's get down to the drip for today!


Adire is an indigo-dyed fabric which is usually manufactured by the Yoruba speaking people of Nigeria by employing the use of resist-dyeing techniques and patterns. The Adire fabric includes a variety of hand-dyed textiles to produce patterned fabrics in a dazzling array of dye tints and hues.

The Adire fabric can be used to design a range of outfits, including dresses, trousers, tops, skirts and many more. Seeing the way it is being creatively used these days makes it even more awesome!

We love the fact that outfits designed with Adire fabrics tend to be unique, as well as, being that balance between traditional and modern fashion.


In fashion designing, ruffles are gathered ornamentations of fabric, applied to a garment as a form of trimming. Ruffles are usually added to off-shoulder necklines, sleeves, pant legs and many more to add flare to the outfit.

Adding ruffles to an outfit instantly directs the entire outfit or ensemble in a feminine and chic direction. Ruffles, when made with fabrics like lace, organza and so on, tend to contour the shape of the wearer outstandingly.

Mixed Fabrics 

What's better than creating an outfit with plain fabrics? Adding a mix of dark fabrics to it! Yes, you read that right. Outfits designed with plain or neutral fabrics, always make a statement, but adding a touch of another fabric gives it extra style. 

How do we mean?

When another fabric, usually a darker fabric, is added to the hem, outline or neckline of an outfit, it radiates an extra sense of style when it is worn. 

Cropped Tops 

Do you enjoy hanging out casually with your girls? Or perhaps going on a fancy lunch date? Then, the cropped top style should probably be your go-to outfit. Cropped tops are tops that are usually designed to expose the waist, navel or abdomen. 

However, when these tops are paired with high waist trousers or skirts, just like in the style below, little or no skin is exposed. Crop tops are designed to be comfortable and casual while retaining a flattering look.


A pinafore is regarded as a collarless, sleeveless garment which is usually worn over a blouse or a jumper. In this part of the world, pinafores are worn by students in junior schools as part of their school uniform.

However, pinafores designed with African wax print fabrics is one trendy style that comes off as classy and modest. One unique thing about the pinafore style is that it can be paired with any blouse to showcase your creativity in fashion.

Whether paired with a plain white shirt, or a top made with African wax prints as well, this style is one that can be rocked to formal occasions.

And so, there you have it, do let us know the ones you'd be rocking soon!

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