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Style Of The Moment - Velvet, Halter Neck, Agbada, Spandex, Strapless Style

August 20, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

We totally understand how difficult it may be trying to find the perfect style for that party or special occasion. With our Styles of the moment column, we have the aim of informing you on the range of styles which are being rocked in the Nigerian fashion scene.

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Ranging from comfortable and chic styles to owambe styles, this column was designed to keep you updated on the latest styles and outfits today. Let's get down to it then!


Velvet is a fabric in which the cut threads are evenly distributed in a short dense pile. What this results in is the distinct soft feel that velvet fabrics are known for. The fact that the fabric is soft and thin makes it easy for it to be combined with other fabrics such as lace, African wax prints, and many more.

Outfits made with velvet fabrics, whether male or female, are elegant and very comfortable to wear on the body. What we also love about velvet outfits is the fact that they have great aesthetic value and texture with a luxuriant look.

Halter Neck

As you may already know, the halter neck style is a fashion style mostly for women whereby a clothing strap runs from the front of the garment around the back of the neck and leaves most of the back uncovered. Outfits made with this style are designed to be comfortable, breezy and chic.

However, it is not uncommon for a jacket to be worn over this type of outfit, especially for conservative fashionistas. The fact that this style showcases features such as shoulders, and helps to create a balancing effect makes it one of the perfect styles for a casual outing.

Traditional Agbada 

Just like we previously spoke on how the wrapper style is becoming a popular style these days, the traditional Agbada style is also making a huge comeback!

One peculiar thing about this style is the handcrafted embroidery and patterns which are infused on the fabrics used to design the outfit. This style can mostly be worn for parties, engagements and other events that showcase the culture and heritage of our country.


If you need style inspiration for that special party outing, then a spandex outfit mixed with other prints is probably what you're looking for. Spandex outfits are naturally lightweight and comfortable to wear while retaining that bodycon look.

Just like in the picture above, a regular ankara fabric was mixed with spandex fabric, then embellished with stones to give a unique look. 

Strapless Style

Unlike the halter neck style or Off-shoulder style where shoulders are partially covered, the strapless style is one stays put around the upper body without shoulder straps or other visible means of support.

The strapless style can be used to design tops or even dresses and it comes out fabulous. So, would you like to be comfortable and still slay, then this style is probably for you.

And it's a wrap! For other styles of the moments, you can check here.


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