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Style Of The Moment - Smocked Outfits, Kimono Dress, Neutral Colours, Ankara Jackets, Playsuits

July 02, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

What fashionista is not updated on the latest trends and styles in the fashion scene? Definitely not a Mauvelli one! With our style of the moment column, we feed your eyes with the latest styles either with African wax prints, other fabrics, or a mix of both.

With styles like puffed sleeves, tiered bottoms, and corsets, many people have upped their style game despite the lockdown and we're loving it! Here are some of the styles of the moment for this week, and do let us know if you'd be rocking these styles or not.

Smocked Outfits 

In case you didn't know, smocked outfits are those outfits that have gone through a fabric manipulation technique such that the outfit gives a stretchy look.

Used mostly for female wears, smocked outfits include dresses, skirts, tops and many more, this style is becoming quite the popular one.

Whether it is designed with African wax prints only or a mélange of different prints, smocked outfits usually turn out elegant and classy.

Kimono Dress 

The Kimono which is a traditional Japanese garment has evolved over the years and is now worn in all parts of the world. With the distinct voluminous sleeves of the Kimono, the outfit has become very versatile and can be worn on different occasions.

Different fashion designers have gotten creative with this style, as the kimono dress is now a trendy style! Whether styled with a belt or left to hang loosely on the body, kimonos are comfortable with a unique aesthetic.

Neutral Colours 

Neutral colours like white, black, grey, and many more almost never flop when it comes to fashion designing. For both male and female wears, when outfits are designed with neutral colours, they always make a statement.

Wearing neutral colours, like we've been noticing recently, makes one look well-dressed and super stylish no matter the occasion.

Ankara Jackets 

There is something about African wax print that makes outfits pop when designed with them! We understand that regular jackets designed with fabrics like velvet, cotton and so on, are official, can be worn to meetings, and are quite comfortable.

But check out this Ankara jacket! Does it not make your style baby leap? Because it sure makes ours do. Ankara jackets, though existing for a long while now, are making a comeback in the fashion scene.

And with the different styles infused in designing the jackets, like the peplum style or puffed sleeves, it really becomes a fashion style to reckon with. 


Compared to the jumpsuit which is a combination of long trousers and a sleeves top, a playsuit is an outfit shorter in length, and with shorter sleeves too but stylish either way.

With the short sleeves and pant legs, playsuits are designed to be very comfortable and worn for casual outings. But designing a playsuit with an Ankara fabric takes it to another level.

Still stylish and comfortable, the Ankara playsuit is very elegant and chic, and pairing this outfit with heels just like we've seen many people do these days adds an extra spring to one's step.

And those are this week's Styles Of The Moment, we hope you're on your way to becoming a Mauvelli fashionista now! To be the first to know about these styles, click on the subscribe button below.


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