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Style Of The Moment - Fringe Style, Flared Sleeves, Aso-Oke, Midi Dresses, Tiered Bottoms

June 25, 2020 | by bolu | 22 Comments

With different styles ranging from corsets to waist trains, and even outfits with a burst of different shades of colours, fashion-savvy customers have certainly been feeding our eyes on the fashion scene. Whether it is to dress up for a Zoom wedding or online party due to the restrictions on parties and owambes, these fashion customers are killing it! 

We're delighted to bring to you this week's edition of the Style Of The Moment segment, where we keep you updated on the latest styles in the fashion scene. So, let's get down to it!

Fringe Style 

The fringe style is one in which decorations are applied to outfits in such a way that it hangs from the edge of a textile trim. Whether in dresses, shirts, or skirts, the fringe style, which is a border of hanging threads, cords, or strips which are mostly left loose, gives a sleek edge to most outfits.

Dating back to the 1920s where this style was used to achieve the flapper look, the fringe style has indeed gained ground in the Nigerian and African fashion scene these days.

We think that this extra embellishment gives an extra stylish look to one's outfit.

Flared Sleeves 

Unlike the puffed or Victorian sleeves being gorgeously worn by many people these days which has an elastic band or an extra piece of fabric at the tip of the fabric to give that puffy look, the flared sleeves style is also a flattering and feminine sleeve style in which the sleeves are left to hang or flare loosely.

The flare style has been in existence since the 16th century, and this style can be designed for tops, jumpsuits, and dresses also to add that unique dose of fashion to the outfit.


Aso-Oke in recent times has been used to design more outfits now than in the olden days. Compared to when people just used Aso-Oke as headgears, fashion designers have harnessed the richness and colour in the fabric to create numerous wears, just like DressMyCloset created the first Aso-Oke bridal a short while ago.

Aso-Oke can be used to design male and female outfits as well, and combining with other fabrics and styles, like the fringe style we see here, gives it a unique look.

Midi Dresses  

Whether styled with a tiny or chunky belt and a mini bag to go, midi dresses are designed to be comfortable and care-free with a dash of elegance.

Mostly made with African wax prints, midi dresses are designed to suit all body types and figures, so you wouldn't need to worry about having a perfect shape with this outfit. Pairing a midi dress with heels just gives it that flattering look, and that's what we love about it!

Tiered Bottoms 

Just like the Tiered sleeves look which usually has about 2 to 3 layers, the tiered bottoms style is not being left out!

Designing skirts or dresses with lots of layers seems to be the trend now, as we've seen this style being rocked by lots of people. What's unique about this style is the drama and flare it brings to the scene and we love to see it!

So, hows your post-corona fashion wardrobe looking? Filled with amazing styles, we hope? To be the first to know about the new styles of the moment, subscribe to our newsletter down below!


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