Mauvelli | Feather Ruffles, Collared Wrap Dress And Other Trendy Styles

Style Of The Moment- Feather Ruffles, Collared Wrap Dresses And Other Styles That Are Trending Right Now

October 08, 2020 | by bolu | 1 Comment

Just like many changes are being effected all over industries in Nigeria, the styles and fashion trends in season are forever changing.

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Fashion styles become increasingly popular when many people fancy the styles or when top celebrities rock them well. As you may already know, the choice of dressing of celebrities influences their fans and followers, and eventually a larger part of that social strata.

So, what fashion styles are currently trending then? Let’s check them out!

Structured Neckline

Whether sweetheart neckline, plunging neckline or all other forms of necklines, necklines are known to change the shape and beauty of an outfit. It is an important factor to consider when choosing outfits to go on a date or to the office, or perhaps to walk your dog in the park.

The structured neckline is unlike the regular necklines as it forms a concave shape over the chest. This neckline can be used in designing mostly dresses or tops that can be worn for many occasions as well.

Hand-Painted Outfits

Outfits that are hand-painted and mostly limited in design usually turn out unique. These hand-painted outfits are mostly done with sustainable and eco-friendly paints that are not harmful to people and their surroundings.

Hand-painted outfits feature bold colours and exquisite designs, and depending on the fashion designer, can be worn to a range of occasions.

Feather-Ruffled Outfit

Ruffles, in form of feathers, on an outfit are usually luxurious and ethereal, and nothing speaks glamour louder than feathers. Whether it is to be worn to a red carpet event or a simple event, these outfits tend to stand out from the rest.

Recently, former BBNaija Housemate, Nengi Hampson rocked a feather ruffled strapless dress from Flat17 Studio, and it was all shades of lit!

Collared Wrap Dress

Usually, wrap dresses are designed to be causal, hence, they do not come with collars. While the regular wrap dress can be worn mostly for casual outings like picnics, parties and the likes, the collared wrap dress has a little twist.

The collar and the style of sleeve, whether puffed or straight, elevates the signature look to an ideal workwear staple. It can be worn to formal occasions and the likes. So, if you are looking to spice up your workwear outfits, this collared wrap dress is a sure bet.

Short Flared Sleeves

Flared sleeves which have been in existence since the 16th century is a flattering and feminine sleeve style in which the sleeves are left to hang or flare loosely. The short flared sleeves is a special form of the regular flared sleeves which border between sleeves and sleeveless.

Outfits designed with short flared sleeves are usually chic and classy, and they are sure known to add that unique dose of fashion to the outfit.

These are some of the trendy styles that celebrities and style influencers are currently rocking right now! So, update your wardrobe staples now!

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