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Style Of The Moment - Cold Shoulder, High-Low, Kaftan, Asymmetrical Skirts, Skater Outfits

July 09, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

Are you on the search for something classy, elegant, and super stylish? Mauvelli has got you covered with our Style of the Moment column where we dish out some of the styles being rocked on the fashion scene. 

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Cold Shoulder 

Cold shoulder outfits are outfits that feature open or revealed shoulders, whether in the form of an off-shoulder, off-one shoulder, or a shoulder cut-out. One thing to note about the cold shoulder outfit is that it always has straps or sleeves.

It's usually designed as a regular outfit with either short or long sleeves, but accompanied with a chunky hole in the middle of the sleeves. Whether designed as a top or dress, the cold shoulder outfit has a flattering look and provides a bit more coverage than the off-shoulder, or off one shoulder outfit.


High low outfits are asymmetrical outfits such that the front hem of the outfit is usually higher than the hem of the back, and as a result, they give off a dramatic look.

This style has been in existence for a while now, but the creative designs, especially when made with African wax prints, give it a unique look. High-low dresses or tops can be worn by different people with varying body types, and it's comfortable, casual, and stylish.


The kaftan has been in existence in different parts of the world for many years. It is a robe or a tunic that can be worn as a coat, overdress, or paired with other clothing outfits.

Kaftans can be worn by either males or females. The things that make this style unique are the decorations, patterns, and buttons that they are adorned with. With the loose cut of the kaftan, it is comfortable and a must-have for every fashionista!

Asymmetrical Skirt 

One thing we love about asymmetrical outfits is their versatility. Because they are asymmetrical, and the design on both sides doesn't have to be the same, the outfits are not confined to a particular style or design.

An example is the asymmetrical skirt below, extra layers of fabric were simply added to the regular mini pencil skirt, and it just added an extra style to the outfit. Asymmetrical outfits, like dresses, skirts, and tops are dynamic and interesting, unlike the rigid designs of some symmetrical outfits.

Skater Outfits  

In case you didn't know, skater outfits, which are usually dresses and skirts, are outfits that stop above the knee and have a fitted waist that flares into an A-line. The name was coined from figure skaters because of its similarity to their outfits.

What makes the skater outfit so popular and well-admired is the fact that it helps the wearer achieve a snatched waist look, as well as an hourglass figure. Since the style is not body shape restricted, anyone and everyone can rock it!

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