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Starting A Fashion Collection Soon? Here Are The Top 4 Things To Consider Before Designing Your Collection

May 11, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

In fashion designing, one of the major ways in which designers put out their creativity for the world to see, is by releasing fashion collections. A fashion collection is a selection of outfits and individual garments, which showcases the creativity of the fashion designer in terms of colour, cuts, silhouettes, proportions and many more.

These collections usually reflect the latest styles and trends in the fashion industry, and they are mostly released twice in a year, depending on the seasons, that is, Fall/Winter (FW), Spring/Summer (SS). Brands like Sindiso Khumalo, Maxhosa by LADUMA, release collections twice in a year.

Fashion collections help showcase different outfits to prospective clients, especially during fashion shows.

Now that we’ve covered the fact that fashion collections are important for a fashion brand, how does it work? How do fashion designers come up with their amazing fashion collections?

Here are some things to consider, as a fashion designer, before designing your collection;


Fashion designers need to understand where to get inspiration from, whether from applications like Pinterest or Instagram, or nature, art and things around. This will determine the mood and atmosphere of the collections.

What some designers do, is that they take an intense look at previous fashion shows, trends, and collections and take note of what they will want their collection to look like.

For example, if a designer notices a sleeve style that he/she will love to incorporate into a collection, the designer takes note of it first, then finds out how to work with it.

Target Audience 

Before designing a fashion collection, designers need to understand and take note of the preferences of their target audience. What they like, the events they can wear the outfits to and how comfortable the outfits are, are some of the things a designer should put into consideration.

For example, I.AM.ISIGO's latest collection, Chasing Evil, was made with dried raffia leaves amongst other things, so it's not the best outfit to rock to a classy event. She most likely put this into consideration when designing the collection.


What mood do you want to portray with your collection? A chic, classy and comfortable mood? Or a different, and perhaps queer mood? We understand that different fashion designers have their different ways of expressing creativity, but a mood that will appeal to prospective customers has to be considered.

The SS20 Collection of CRW Style has a very chic and classy mood, and was truly designed for the modern woman. It is an example of putting mood into consideration. 


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Design Functionality

Most designers, in their collections, put out outfits that will most likely be out of fashion after a few months of release. This is why they usually have 2 collections yearly. So, do you want the outfits in your collection to fade away after a couple of months? Or, do you want it to stick around for a longer period of time, such that people can't get enough of your fits?

Whichever one you choose, just remember that designs in a collection should be made such that they leave a lasting impression on prospective clients, whether through the colour story or the theme of the collection.

There you have it. These are some of the things creatives should consider before designing their fashion collection.




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