Mauvelli | Should Christmas Clothes Be A Thing For Adults?

Should Christmas Clothes Be A Thing For Adults? Here's What Nigerian Adults Think

December 09, 2020 | by Iyin | 3 Comments

The festive season is here again and Christmas is drawing closer with each passing day. With Christmas comes all sorts of amazing fashion trends as fashionistas and fashion designers look for ways to match green, red, and white in stunning combinations. 

For the average Nigerian child, Christmas season also signifies a time when they get to receive new clothes form their parents. Clothes they can use to show off to their friends.

But, what about the average Nigerian adult? Do they also need Christmas clothes to really get into the Christmas mood? Here's what they think. 


Yes, growing up, I got Christmas clothes from my parents and I liked it. Now, I have stopped getting those clothes. I think they stopped buying Christmas clothes for me when I was 12 years old. 

I don't think Christmas clothes are overrated. It's good to allow kids to be kids, especially given the fact some don't get a change of wardrobe during the year. Christmas clothes serve as an opportunity to overhaul their wardrobe and make them feel special.

Adults should get Christmas clothes for themselves. If they can afford it, why not treat yourself? 


Yes, I used to get Christmas clothes as a child and I loved it. I stopped getting them when I was 19 years old. They just started to give me money instead.

Christmas clothes are not necessarily overrated. It all depends on how to see it. 

Yes, adults should definitely get Christmas clothes for themselves. Some adults could use it as a reward system, many don't buy clothes all year so they could just use it to reward themselves after a hard years work,


Yes, I used to get Christmas clothes as a child and yes, I liked it. I stopped getting them when I was 14 years old. Personally, I don't think Christmas clothes are overrated, but times are hard

I believe adults should get Christmas clothes for themselves. I have a friend who buys Christmas clothes for herself every year. I bought for myself this year.


Yes, as a child I used to get Christmas clothes from my parents sometimes. I have stopped getting them now though. 

For children, Christmas clothes are not overrated. I think for adults they are slightly overrated. I don't celebrate Christmas so you'd understand why I think this way.

Yes, you can spoil yourself silly with your money, so if you want to get clothes and tag it Christmas clothes, it's your money. The important thing is you're enjoying it.


Yes, I got Christmas clothes as a child and I loved it. I don't really remember when I stopped getting Christmas clothes. I think it was when I was 18 years old.

I don't really think they're overrated. People should do whatever makes them happy. 

Definitely yes, I think adults should get Christmas clothes for themselves if they feel like it.


I don't remember if I ever got Christmas clothes growing up. I think Christmas clothes are overrated, really. 

I feel it's okay to exchange gifts during Christmas, it doesn't have to be clothes.


Yes, I got clothes, shoes, glasses, wristwatches, bags and all the paraphernalia attached to Christmas during my formative years. I stopped getting them at about 12 years because according to my mum, I have gotten older so my siblings got them instead. Now I know it's just because of costs and lack of money.

No, Christmas clothes are not overrated. Life's not hard, let's learn to drop our airs and just enjoy the season setting aside grievances, doctrine and whatnots. Shalom!!!

I still gift myself new clothes and all now that I am grown. I am thankful to celebrate Jesus the reason for the season, and then I get to enjoy the holiday and the goodies too.

While some might feel like Christmas clothes are a thing just for the Nigerian child, others feel like it is not a bad idea for the Nigerian adult. What category do you fall into? Do let us know in the comments section below. 


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