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Sequins Are Now A Major Trend In The African Fashion Scene. Here's How To Add It To Your Collection

May 07, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

It's always amazing when clients stand out and make a statement at dinners and other classy events. In a survey we took, we realized that the most preferred material for dinner dresses are shiny fabrics like sequins and glittery materials.

Sequins, in form of bags, clothes and shoes are now trending actively in the Nigerian and African fashion scene. In the recently concluded Africa Magic Viewer's Choice Awards, quite a number of celebrities rocked the sequins in different tyles. Some of these celebrities include Sharon Ooja and Bimbo Ademoye.

Short History Of Sequins.

Sequins were first discovered in Ancient Egypt in the early 19th century. Sequins, which originated from the Arabic word 'sikka', later becoming the Venetian word 'zecchino' were first discovered when archaeologists opened the tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh. His garments were seen to be embellished with tiny disks, which in the early days, were made from pure gold.

Nowadays though, sequins are made from plastic and are available in a wide range of colors and shapes. The special feature about sequins, that makes it the go-to fabric for stylish occasions, is its reflective ability. When light hits the surface of sequins, it is instantly reflected.

Sequins Bags, Shoes, And Dresses

Sequins can be used to make different products including bags and shoes. Certain manufacturers even produce sequins that change colour when owner runs a hand through the product. This is not magic however, as the sequins just flipped over to the other side. 

Handbags, clutches, bag packs, and purses have been made with sequins and rocked effortlessly. Sequin clutches go well on classy dresses and are a nice accessory to red carpets and other events.

Sequins footwears also exist, whether in form of sneakers, heels or platform shoes. Depending on the look the designer goes for, footwears made with sequins can be worn to top occasions or casual events.

Just like we mentioned earlier, customers love to go for sequins when selecting outfits for formal and informal occasions. The style of the dress majorly depends on the style of the customer and the creativity of the fashion designer.

Top fashion designers in Nigeria have been able to pull off the sequin trend to design beautiful outfits for top celebrities. Some of them include SomobySomo, XtraBridesLagos, 2207byTbally amongst others.

Fashion designers can definitely take advantage of this latest trend to design creative outfits for their clients to stand out in. 



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