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Sai Sankoh Recently Launched Her Collection, "Portrait Of A Lady". Here Are Our Thoughts On It

July 17, 2020 | by bolu | 1 Comment

One of the ways a fashion brand showcases its creativity and products is by releasing collections annually. These collections, which comprise of different styles around a central theme, are released once or twice in a year.

Fashion collections also reflect the latest styles in the fashion industry for prospective customers to be aware of. In a bid to communicate the personalities of the modern-day woman, Sai Sankoh, a Sierra Leonean fashion designer recently released her collection, "Portrait Of A Lady". Here are our thoughts;

Sai Sankoh 

Sai Sankoh is the Founder and Creative Director of the eponymous fashion label that blends vintage style and modern fashion, Sai Sankoh. The fashion brand which caters only to women strives to create unique and affordable pieces for the everyday woman, and just like the founder said,

"I love accentuating the curves in a woman and adding glamour to something as simple as a basic black dress."

With this mission, it's not surprising that the "Portrait Of A Lady" collection features precisely tailored styles and exquisite looks. 

Collection Inspiration 

Just like her other collections where she draws inspiration from the people and environment, Sai Sankoh drew inspiration from the city of Tuscany in Italy for this collection. As a tourist in Tuscany, Sai Sankoh noticed the beautiful landscapes, cool environment, as well as the artistic legacy and channelled that into her collection. 

With fabrics that were centred around flowers, cool sceneries, and colourful architecture, Sai Sankoh was able to communicate the comfortable and chic style a modern woman should embody.

"My first collection focused more on what I wanted, but this is a combination of my client's needs and my personal style." - Sai Sankoh

Design Creativity 

Popularly known for designing kaftans in her collections, Sai Sankoh, the creative director decided to play around with different styles and outfits this time. The Portrait Of A Lady collection, apart from the oversized luxury kaftans, features pleated dresses with high slits, two-pieces, cropped tops, midi skirts, puffed sleeved dresses, criss-cross neckline dresses, and many more.

These pieces made with good quality fabrics such as tulle, silk, and so on ultimately brings new excitement and style to the wardrobe of the regular woman. And to express her excitement for the unconventional pieces in her new collection, Sai Sankoh shared this,

"My signature pieces are the voluminous goddess kaftans, but it was also fun to play with more separates and gowns."

This collection was truly designed for the everyday woman, fashion enthusiasts, and lovers of all shapes and sizes to make them feel attractive, empowered, and confident through fashion. The colourful hues of the fabrics also make the outfits in this collection a sight to behold!

This was definitely a creative process that involved many considerations and fine-tuning. Kudos to the entire Sai Sankoh team for putting out pieces to celebrate the modern woman.

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