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Review Of The 10 Things You Can Do Now To Improve Your Fashion Brand Video By Tomi Rotimi

August 18, 2020 | by Iyin | 0 Comments

The fashion industry is a beautiful one and one that everyone has dealings with. Because of how important the industry is, fashion entrepreneurs have to learn and educate themselves continually by reading articles and watching videos to serve the world better. 

The Video Review column by Mauvelli was designed to take a look at videos that relate to fashion and the business of fashion and see how useful these videos are to fashion entrepreneurs.  

This week, we took a look at the video of 10 Things You Can Do Now To Improve Your Fashion Brand by Tomi Rotimi of Xclamations by Tomi Rotimi fashion brand. Tomi is a proudly Nigerian premium ready-to-wear designer with over 18 years of experience in the Nigerian fashion industry.

The video aims to let fashion entrepreneurs in on 10 things they can do now to improve their brand in areas like brand perception and brand value. Our review will cover points on:

  • how practicable the points are,
  • important points missed out, and 
  • how useful the information provided is to fashion entrepreneurs.

Now, let us get down to it. 

Practicable Points

1. Take Better Pictures

Since the business of fashion is very visual, images go a long way in influencing how your brand is perceived. If your pictures look cheap, your brand will be considered cheap as well, and this will determine the types of people that will be attracted to your brand.

The quality of your pictures will also determine how much people are willing to pay for your products. This will, in turn, affect the value of your brand. Even if you are taking amateur pictures, consider better lighting, remove clutter from your images, and use a model that is relatable and personable.

2. Improve Your Packaging

You only have one chance to create a first impression. Packaging determines the way your brand is perceived even before your products are experienced.

Invest as much as you can in the quality of your packaging as you would in the quality of your products.

3. Connect with Your Clients and Your Community

The value of your brand can be connected to how well you connect with your community. Stop hiding and tell your story. Let people know how you created your products, what inspired your designs, and the creative process behind it all. People buy from people.

4. Mind Your Language

Depending on your target market, your social media language could vary, but whatever it is, make it polite and friendly. Check for typographical and grammatical errors before putting out content of any kind. 

5. Improve Your Finishing

The quality of your products could be the difference between your products being perceived as premium or cheap. Learn what the best practices are and apply your learnings to your process. Put in the best finishing you can afford.

6. Show Off Your Expertise

Your audience wants you to teach them something. People pay a premium for expertise. You can teach them how to style, how to iron, how to arrange their closets, and how to plan their outfits.

Expertise begets respect and value.

7. Activate Your Talents and Interest To Promote Your Brand

Take an inventory of all you are good at and what your interests are and integrate them into your business. Some fashion entrepreneurs create content around baking, courses they are passionate about, and even singing to engage their tribe.

8. Simplify Your Process

Look through your entire process, from design to sales, and simplify anything that is too complicated and thus causes delays. The faster you can get your product to the market and deliver to a customer, the more you are perceived as efficient. Make it easy to buy from you.

9. Do Not Do Too Much

Offering your customers too much variety at a time can hurt your business and slow down your turnaround time. Too much variety is not always a plus for a small business. Bring out your strongest offerings and be top of mind in your audience's minds.

10. Get Help

Every fashion entrepreneur needs to take courses, watch tutorials, and read articles on how to improve their business. There is nothing like too much knowledge. Invest in getting help in areas that are not your strong points and in learning every day.

How Practicable are the Points Made?

The points made in the video are very practicable for entrepreneurs hoping to improve their business. All of the points made are points that any fashion entrepreneur, regardless of how small their business is, can apply in their business. 

Since most of the options provided are low cost and do not require extra hands to perform, they will work well for any fashion business.

Important Points Missed Out

1. Pay Attention to Video Quality

The quality of videos fashion entrepreneurs put up on their pages is also as important as the quality of images they put up. Since people prefer watching videos to viewing pictures, putting up good quality videos of the products you offer will go a long way in determining how your brand is perceived and the value people on it. 

2. Pick A Physical Location that Appeals to Your Target Market

The physical location of a fashion shop is very important when it comes to brand perception and brand value. If a brand is situated in a low-class area then that brand cannot be perceived as a premium brand. 

3. Put Out Good Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

The impact of the marketing and advertising campaigns of a fashion brand on its brand perception and value is enormous. Fashion entrepreneurs need to pay close attention to how and where they market and advertise their brands. 

The quality of the adverts and the people that are likely to see those adverts based on the platform used are very important factors to note. Good adverts speak volumes about a brand. 

4. Set Up A Website for Your Brand

When a fashion brand has its own website, and maybe a blog, that brand is perceived to be on a different level from other brands. Every fashion entrepreneur needs to set up a professional website for their brand where people can view their products and shop them as well.

5. Pay Attention To The Quality of Materials You Use

Although the video talked about the quality of finishing, there was no mention of the quality of materials fashion entrepreneurs should use in making their products.

The quality of materials a brand uses in making its products determines how people will view the brand. Using good quality materials, such as fabric, zips, lining, and buttons, lets customers know that you are big on giving them the best and they will appreciate you for this. Pay close attention to the quality of materials you use. 

6. Give Good Customer Service

Customer service says a lot about a fashion brand. When you offer your clients excellent customer service you automatically up the value of your brand in their eyes. Never neglect customer service. 

The Usefulness of the Information to fashion Entrepreneurs

Overall, the information provided in the video by Tomi Rotimi proves to be very useful for both upcoming and established fashion designers. 


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