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Read This Piece On How Much Is Too Much For A Wig

November 18, 2020 | by bolu | 1 Comment

In fashion, different elements are put together to achieve a complete and unique look. Matching a bespoke traditional outfit with shabby footwear for men, or perhaps pairing your fancy dress with a drab wig for the ladies usually makes the entire look flop.

Our new series, Controversial Topics In Fashion, focuses mainly on topics that a lot of people have diverse opinions and thoughts about. And today, in the spirit of trending topics, we asked a couple of people, both males and females, for their thoughts on how much they think is too much for a wig.

1. Posi Shobogun 

As a university student and yogi, Posi shared her thoughts with us on this controversial topic,

"I actually believe that if money isn’t an issue, there’s nothing like it’s too expensive. But money is an issue for me lol, so for me like 200k and above is probably too much for a wig." 

2. Iyinoluwa Oludiya

We also understand that while some of these wigs tend to be overpriced by certain vendors, the price could also be a determinant of the quality and the length. Check out what Iyinoluwa, a style and fashion enthusiast had to share, 

"It depends on the quality and length of the wig. Buying a wig for 50k or less is okay by me. But when the price of the wig starts going to above 75k, I think that is too much to pay for a wig. The most outrageous, in my opinion, are those that exceed 100k when it's not more than a wig. I have a wig that has lasted me over 3 years and it didn't cost more than 20k to purchase."


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3. Boluwa Olojo 

Also, as we can see, the spending power of a person highly determines how much they are willing to spend on wigs. Here's what Boluwa Olojo, the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Go Ads Africa had to share,

"I can't buy a wig that's above 650k because it's exactly the same wig you'd get for about 400k - 500k, except that it's packaged differently." 

4. Jude Babayemi

Jude, an engineering student and photographer probably falls into the category of men that don't believe in exorbitant spending on wigs. And you may probably ask, how did we get to that conclusion? Here's what he had to say regarding how much he thinks is too much for a wig,

"Personally, considering my financial power, I think anything above 20k is expensive for a wig."

5. Bowofoluwa Egbeyemi 

Being quite the engineer and deep thinker that he is, he shared this with us,

"My personal philosophy is that no amount is too much for anything provided it's worth it or I want it and I can afford it."

6. Eyilayomi Okogwu 

From the responses we got as well, we found out that a lot of lifestyle and fashion choices are affected by the price of fashion items, in this case, wigs. Here's what Eyilayomi, a recent graduate had to say,

"Things are a lot harder in Nigeria recently, and many things are now expensive. I chose to cut my hair recently cause I was tired of braids, and most weaves are quite expensive. Personally, I think anything above 7k for a regular wig is too much."

As a wig lover, most wig prices are dependent on the popularity of vendors, amongst other things; a top vendor can sell a wig 3 times the price a regular vendor would. A lot of popular hair vendors have wigs that are priced over 800,000 naira, and judging from responses from users on social media, several people think that's way high.

So then, how much do you think is too much for a wig? Don't feel left out on the conversation, drop a comment and let us know what you think!

1 Comment

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