Mauvelli | Pros And Cons Of Promoting Your Fashion Brand On LinkedIn

Pros And Cons Of Promoting Your Fashion Brand On LinkedIn

August 29, 2020 | by Iyin | 18 Comments

Different social media platforms were set up for different reasons and have different uses and functionalities. As TikTok is used for sharing short amazingly creative videos, and Twitter is used mainly for bants and marketing purposes, LinkedIn is used for business. But one thing is for sure, they are all platforms where fashion brands can shine. 

LinkedIn is an American business and employment orientation online service that was launched in 2003 and operates via websites and mobile apps. It is used for professional networking.

The first things that come to mind on hearing LinkedIn are business, resumes and networking with potential employers, employees or others in your field of business.

Since its launch, LinkedIn has grown to have over 706 million global users and over 50 million companies listed on it. 

Fashion Brands And LinkedIn

Fashion brands that benefit the most from LinkedIn are those that target the working class. Since LinkedIn is a platform for business professionals to network with others, most activities on LinkedIn are business focused and more serious than other social media platforms. 

Fashion brands that come up with groundbreaking and fresh innovations, like the Petit Pli fashion brand, also find that LinkedIn is a great place for them. They can start discussions surrounding the fashion industry and get feedback and opinions concerning their innovation so they know how potential customers will receive what they have to offer. 

Fashion brands that pay attention to giving great content to others and with starting industry conversations also thrive on LinkedIn since it is a platform people like to use to grow. Many fashion brands have established themselves as an authority in the industry just by always dishing out great content and starting stimulating conversations with others on the platform. 

Advantages of Using LinkedIn to Advertise Your Fashion Brand

1. Build Your Brand

LinkedIn has many branding capabilities that can enhance fashion brands, add value to their profiles and build a following of clients that recognise the brands as leaders in the fashion industry. Fashion entrepreneurs can use status updates to keep customers informed on what is happening with your brand and what new collection they have out.

LinkedIn has many groups and as a fashionpreneur, you can join groups that focus on fashion designing and the fashion industry as a whole. Once you are a member of one such group, to build your brand, you should become an active participant in discussions that help you and your brand gain recognition as an authority in the fashion industry.

After participating for a while, consider starting your own discussion topics within the group, or even posting an article for the group to digest and discuss. Do not use it as an advertising platform to promote your fashion products and services. Instead, offer insightful information, and the requests for information about your products and services will come on their own.

2. Get Connected

Your business' LinkedIn profile is not just about networking with your clients and colleagues, it is also about connecting with other companies in the fashion industry. Networking for your business takes work but can yield many beautiful results.

With your LinkedIn page, you should not just post content, cultivate meaningful interactions with others. The LinkedIn search feature allows you to find people in the fashion industry and in industries your fashion brand targets. This data can be crucial in helping your fashion brand to conduct sales inquiries or start conversations with potential customers.

Do not link with people just to build the number of connections you have. You can use connect requests more strategically to engage and build relationships with your target customers and influencers in your market space. This will help you gain visibility for your brand.

3. Promote Your Brand as an Authority

If you are creating and sharing great content that is relevant to the fashion industry on your business' LinkedIn page, it could become a channel for you to become a trusted source for insights in your industry.

When you include updates from your blog and a few well-placed links leading back to your website people will slowly begin to know your brand. Encourage employees to share your content, too, so it is not only coming from your branded page.

4. Higher Level of Credibility

LinkedIn is a great place to showcase your fashion business products and services and gain trust amongst customers and prospects. As a fashion brand, LinkedIn can always increase your brand's credibility. 

LinkedIn offers a great feature that helps to receive recommendations from past employees, clients, and so on. By requesting for recommendations from past customers, you can increase your credibility with potential clients and business connections. 

The more recommendations you have from past customers and clients, the more of an opportunity you have to generate more leads and sales. By receiving recommendations and having followers on LinkedIn, you have a great opportunity to grow their business.

5. It Can Help Your SEO

LinkedIn is another way search engines use to bring businesses in search query results. This means that the LinkedIn page of your fashion brand can help your brand rank higher in Google search.

It is a perfect way for your fashion business to gain more exposure while also allowing customers to see the most crucial parts of your business. All you have to do is make sure your LinkedIn profile is filled out, has linked to your brand's website and blog, and it contains the appropriate keywords for the fashion industry and what you do.

So, having great content on LinkedIn can boost your brand's visibility online and increase SEO exposure which leads to an increase in web traffic and an increase in sales.

Disadvantages of Using LinkedIn to Advertise Your Fashion Brand

1. Advertising is Fairly Expensive

Compared to other platforms, advertising on LinkedIn is fairly expensive. It takes much more money to advertise and get noticed by potential customers on LinkedIn. So, the platform is not ideal for fashion brands that are not ready to spend a lot of money on advertising.

2. Takes Time to Build Following

At the initial stages, it is quite difficult to build a following on LinkedIn. It takes a lot of time commitment to build a network of connections of both prospective customers and other industry professionals on the platform. 

If you, however, maintain your profile and your reputation to your connections by sharing useful posts, your efforts will eventually pay off. Customers might begin to ask about your brand and products and you just might find other professionals you can collaborate with. 

3. Not Ideal for Reaching Younger Customers

If your fashion brand is one that targets the younger generation then LinkedIn is not for you. Since the platform is career-focused, you will not find many adolescents on that platform.

The platform just does not work for fashion brands that target the younger generation.



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