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Prada Backs AI Startup Bigthink To Launch Live-Streamed 3D Virtual Fashion Show

June 03, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

It's no news that many sectors of the world have been affected and continue to be affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Lots of fashion entrepreneurs in the world have leveraged the use of technology and the internet to deliver on fashion weeks, including the Lagos Fashion Week 2020, which was done entirely on online platforms like Zoom, Instagram Live and so on. 

"This is an opportunity to redefine business models and build a more sustainable, progressive future." - Matthew Drinkwater, Head of Fashion Innovative Agency

Prada, the popular Italian luxury fashion house known for providing men and women's clothing, has recently backed an Artificial Intelligence start-up, Bigthinx, to create the first live-streamed 3D virtual fashion show, thus making them the latest fashion business to delve into the technology of fashion.

Just like Anifa Mvuemba, the creative director of Hanifa fashion brand who delivered the first digital runway show using 3D models, the global fashion industry is employing the use of Artificial Intelligence and virtual runways, and it is an achievement worth celebrating. 

Bigthinx is a fashion-tech company that aims to disrupt the global fashion industry by using Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision for virtual people, digital clothing, immersive fashion shows as well as transformational virtual shopping experiences.

The show which will take place on Friday is going to feature 3D models and clothes which were created using 3D digital design, rendering, and animation based on technical data. All these would be designed based on the photograph of the models and the clothes, as Bigthinx is a company with strong and agile software developers.

Unlike The Fabricant and Carlings which are fashion houses that design for the digital space with the solutions at their disposal, Bigthinx can create bespoke solutions for brands like Prada with eCommerce as an obvious target.

Being a tech company known for its body scan avatar solution, from the photographs of the models and clothes, they can calculate precisely 44 body measurements and body composition ratios, with over 95% accuracy, . What this means is that prospective buyers on the eCommerce sites can explore a range of garments on their avatar, before choosing to purchase a particular one, which will reduce the return rates of online shoppers.

Compared to the early months of the pandemic, when all fashion shows and weeks had to be cancelled, there was a decline in the growth of the global fashion industry. Clients could not be informed about the new collections that fashion designers had in store, fashion competitions, just like the LVMH Prize competition had to be concluded swiftly, and many more.

Fashion business owners need to be innovative and proactive in this season, in order not to be left out on the emerging technologies in the fashion industry.



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