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Olamide Ajayi Of Mides Fashion Hub On The Creative Process Behind The Strapless Corset and Tulle Skirt Ensemble

October 02, 2020 | by Iyin | 3 Comments

Beauty is in the intricacies of fashion. The smallest details of an outfit can make or break it. This is why fashion designers have to pay close attention to every part of the dress making process. 

Just as we spoke with Adepeju Okunnuga on the making of the customer fave mono strap bridal gown two weeks ago, this week, we spoke with Olamide Ajayi on the making of the strapless corset and tulle skirt ensemble.

A bachelors and masters degrees holder in Biochemistry from Bowen University and the University of Ibadan respectively, Olamide Ajayi is the Founder of Mides Fashion Hub. As a child, Olamide watched her fashionista mum mix and match colours and outfits for various events, making her fall in love with fashion. 

Mides Fashion Hub, which is a bespoke, bridal, and ready-to-wear brand, initially started as Mides Couture before it was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Now, the brand has other affiliates, such as Mides Coutures for bespoke outfits, Mides Coverlet for bedding and interiors, and Mides Collage for fashion accessories. 

An outfit is a set of clothing with accessories worn together for a particular occasion or event.

What was the Process of Creating the Yellow Corset Blouse and Tulle Skirt Like?

To make a dress, a fashion designer has to consider the event, the fabric to be used, and the client's preference or personality.

The tulle skirt was made for my 26th birthday photoshoot. The whole idea behind it was birthed based on the fabrics that were available. 

The Corset Blouse

First, a corset is a tight piece of underwear worn on a woman's midsection to make her waist appear to be smaller. The materials we used in making this particular corset blouse were tape measure, pattern paper, pencil, ruler, compass, breast pad, boning, and fabric.

To make a corset top, a designer must know how to draft a basic bodice pattern. After drafting the basic bodice to the accurate measurement, the corset can then be drafted using the compass. 

After we had drafted the basic and corset patterns on pattern paper, we transferred the paper cutout to the fabric and cut it accordingly. Then, we sewed the fabric and inserted boning to their designated places and our corset was ready.

Corsets can be infused in dressed, tops, jumpsuits, and so on.

The Tulle Skirt

The tulle skirt was supposed to be a dress for my photoshoot last year, funny enough, but I couldn't meet up as I had other jobs, so I opted for other less time-consuming styles. This year, however, I decided to revisit it and make it into something more stylish and trendy. Then I came up with a corset top and skirt.

The materials we used in making the tulle skirt include tulle net, hard net, lining, and crepe or satin fabric. A plain crepe was used for this particular skirt. 

The crepe was cut into a 360° flare and then the tulle was cut into small pieces and pleated in rows round the flared crepe. This process requires a lot of patience.

After the tulle was attached to the crepe in rows, the flare was attached to a band with hard net and lining. The essence of the hard net is to give it fullness and structure. 

What Factors did You Consider When Making the Outfit?

​​Generally, when making a dress, the factors to consider include the customer's preference, the timeframe for the outfit, fabric availability, and the type of occasion the outfit is Io be worn to, just to mention a few.

It is important to note that the choice of fabric needs to match the style. For example, a tissue net should not be used with an organza top and vice versa.

How do You Decide on the Accessories and Fabric Combination to use For Each Outfit?


Accessories range from stones to beads, appliques, pearls, trimmings, feathers, fringes, and so on. When it comes to picking accessories for an outfit, I don't think one can ever be wrong but we should never do too much.

When there are so many colours on a fabric, it is best to keep it simple or accentuate with stones.

Before I pick out accessories for a design, I look at the style we are trying to achieve, the fabric we used and the colours of the fabric as well. This is because some fabrics need little to no accessories at all.

I also consider my clients, some love to keep it simple while some think more is better.

Fabric Combination

I think fabric combination is a course on its own. But based on my experience in fashion designing, I know what will go and what would not. Fabric combination is really about individual creativity.

Trends also play a major role in fabric combination, there was a time velvet and Ankara was a thing and everyone was using them to make outfits. 

Personally, I consider the style of the outfit before I combine fabrics. I can also mix and match two different fabrics, two different patterns or colours of the same fabric, soft and thick fabric of the same colours, and so on. The list is endless really

In closing, Olamide said, "On making a dress, my advice to fellow fashion designers is to first have a basic knowledge of what they intend to make. If it is a preowned style, take your time to study the style, if possible cut it in your head before cutting the pattern or fabric.

"YouTube is always your friend. Ensure accurate measurements always. The sky is big enough to contain everyone. We are our own limiting factor."


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Great Job well Done Mide. Congratulations and wish you Many more wins...

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