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Need Some Help With Extra Services Like Tambour Beading For Your Designs? Here Are 5 Brands That Can Help You Out

December 24, 2020 | by Iyin | 1 Comment

Creating beautiful clothing pieces involves a lot more than cutting and sewing fabric together. A lot also has to go into the finishing and little details of the garment.

Since fashion designers are not exactly superhumans, sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming to handle every aspect of garment creation. This is why people are there to help with details like embroidery, applique and tambour beading, weaving, and repairs and alterations services. 

Here are 5 Nigerian brands that can help you out;

1. Eleven Paz

Tambour beading and embroidery add class and beauty to outfits. They can take an outfit from being plain to being exceptional and the centre of attraction. 

Eleven Paz is a fashion brand that not only offers tambour beading classes but also offers tambour beading services to fashion designers. Owned by Adetutu OJ, they offer beading services on clothing garments of all kinds. 

2. House of Tina

House of Tina offers impeccable tambour beading and embellishment services and training to fashion designers. With their beautiful and creative designs, they help fashion designers embellish their outfits with beads. 

Their services cover beading of necklines or entire bodies to adding small beaded details to outfits and even creating trending styles, like the fringe style, with beads. 

3. Hannis Closet

Hannis Closet, creatively directed by Hannah Johnson, is a fashion brand that works hand-in-hand with other fashion designers to add embellishments and beading to outfits. With their unique and beautiful designs, Hannis Closet embellishes clothing items like male and female caps, blouses, skirts, dresses, and so on.

Their services cover everything from hand and tambour beading to placement of embellishments like applique and stones on outfits. 

4. Mend Lagos

Sometimes, as a fashion designer, you might get a measurement wrong or your customer might lose weight, damage an outfit or want to change a few things on their outfits. At times like this, you might be too busy to handle that client yourself. 

Mend Lagos offers services 'obioma services' to everyone that needs to alter or mend a garment. They handle everything from sleeve shortening to restyling and taking in and out the sides of outfits. 

5. Alterations by Olaide

Another brand that offers topnotch alteration services to designers is the Alterations by Olaide fashion brand. They offer mainly resizing, refashioning and reshaping services for all kinds of outfits including the plain ones and the heavily embellished ones. 

Their services cover both ready-to-wear and bespoke pieces and are worked on to perfection. No one will know the pieces were reworked.


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