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Meet Suakoko Betty, A Notable Liberian Fashion Brand Leaving A Mark On The Global Scene

April 14, 2020 | by bolu | 1 Comment

It's quite inspiring when we see African fashion designers like Charlene Dunbar, Sindiso Khumalo and many more, leaving a mark on the global fashion scene, especially when the fashion brand is African inspired. On our African insider fashion radar today is Charlene Dunbar, the owner and creative director of Suakoko Betty.

As a young child, Charlene Dunbar, along with her family, relocated from their hometown, Monrovia in Liberia to Atlanta, but she never forgot her African roots. With style inspirations from her mum and other Liberian women she went to church with, Charlene Dunbar had a burning desire to create her fashion brand; a brand that would infuse the African beauty in everday life. And with this desire, Suakoko Betty was founded.

Suakoko Betty is a women's fashion brand that specialises in mixing African prints, stylish silhouettes and bright colours, all from a contemporary point of view. Changing the conception of African fashion is very dear to Charlene's heart, which is why the fashion brand reflects the African culture and heritage.

The African wax print popularly known as Ankara is being utilised maximally in different continents of the world, apart from Africa. It would be a shame if our designers here don't harness the various opportunities tied to the fabric.

Bringing light to what we, in Africa, do well, our beauty, brilliance and innovation is one of the paramount visions of my brand - Charlene Dunbar.

The fashion brand produces different outfits ranging from print dresses, to pants, jumpsuits, jackets, skirts and so much more. The brand, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, has also joined hands with other top fashion brands to make face masks. All the outfits are youthful and African-inspired for any occasion and event.

The new Suakoko Collection is the latest collection of the fashion brand, and though it took years to complete, the creative director is glad that the collection was able to properly celebrate African fashion designers as was initially intended. The collection harnessed the power of mixing tie-dye prints and African wax prints to create modern pieces. The Suakoko Betty woman is indeed one that radiates confidence and elegance, with a splash of 'Africaness'.

Celebrating Arfrican culture is what the brand stands for and as the owner stated,

"I want to leave behind a legacy of celebrating African designs, as African fashion explodes throughout the world. I want the Suakoko Betty fashion brand to be a platform for African designers and their artistry.

The Suakoko Betty brand is one promoting African fashion, and we love to see it.





1 Comment

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