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Meet Lisa Folawiyo and Eileen Fisher, Two Sustainable Fashion Brands Making Waves In The Fashion Industry

April 27, 2020 | by Iyin | 0 Comments

Sustainable fashion has gained momentum over the past few years and the future of fashion is leaning towards it as the fashion industry embraces it more.

While there are new sustainable fashion brands emerging all over the world, some have been in operation for years - two of which are the Lisa Folawiyo brand and the Eileen Fisher brand.

A Brief Introduction of the Brands

The Lisa Folawiyo brand, formerly known as Jewels by Lisa, was established by Nigerian fashion designer, Lisa Folawiyo, in 2005. The brand focuses on bringing together African print, contemporary tailoring and beaded embellishments. The Lisa Folawiyo brand is one of the sustainable fashion brands in Africa as it makes its outfits from locally sourced ankara fabric.

American designer, Eileen Fisher, established the Eileen Fisher fashion brand in 1984. The brand started with the idea that "simple clothes could have a positive effect on women's lives". The brand is a sustainable fashion brand that uses high quality pieces that can last for up to 10 to 20 years. 

The Lisa Folawiyo Brand

Locations of Operation

The Lisa Folawiyo brand has showrooms in both Nigeria and New York and her collections are stocked in the UK, US, South Africa and Nigeria. The brand has partnered with the likes of Blackberry and L'Oreal.

Brand Structure

The Lisa Folawiyo line is housed under the Jewel by Lisa group which has other brands under it, namely; Jewel by Lisa (The Ankara Collection), The J Label (The Diffusion collection) and Pretty Precious (The Kids collection).

Products and Creativity

The Lisa Folawiyo brand specialises in women's clothing and accessories. They create outfits that are stylish and unlike the traditional african print fabrics. They have been able to transform the textile to create a globally coveted print.

Many of their outfits are stylishly topped off with ornate hand embellishment that gives each piece a unique and classy touch. The brand creates feminine and modern silhouettes with nods to traditional African aesthetics. On average, each piece takes a total of 240 hours to be ready which reflects the brand's focus on integrity.

Social Media Engagement

The Lisa Folawiyo brand has a strong Instagram presence with over 91k followers and she makes sure to show her collections to her followers on the social media page.

Awards and Collections 

Lisa Folawiyo won the Africa Fashion Award in 2012 and is also on the BoF 500 list of The People Shaping The Global Fashion Industry. The Lisa Folawiyo brand has been worn by celebrities such as Michelle Obama, Issa rae and Solange Knowles  and it has released a total of 12 collections.

The Eileen Fisher Brand

Locations of Operation

The Eileen Fisher brand has stores in the UK, US, South Africa, Israel, Ireland and the UAE.

Brand Structure

The Eileen Fisher brand has a program, Waste No More, that makes use of the circular model of business - one where they take their clothes back to be resold, recycled and remade, all the proceeds from these sales are made to their Women Together initiative that focuses on empowering women. 

Products and Creativity

The Eileen Fisher brand specialises in women's clothing and footwear. They design high-quality, simple pieces that last, so they’ll still work 10 or 20 years from now. Their pieces are made from organic linen that's grown without harmful pesticides and herbicides.

Their designs are chic and comfortable to enable women carry out every day activities in them.

Social Media Engagements 

The Eileen Fisher brand makes use of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, where they have over 91k followers, to promote their brand. They also, show their followers new relaesed collections on social media.

Awards and Collections

Eileen Fisher won the 2019 CFDA Positive Change Awrad and the Designer of The Year Award from the American Apparal And Fotwear Association. The Eileen Fisher brand has had celebrities like Jennifer Lopez rock its outfits and it has released a total of 8 collections.



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