Mauvelli | Here Are The Top 8 Collections of 2020 By Nigerian Designers

#MauvelliWrapUps: Here's A Rundown Of The 8 Hottest Collections Of 2020

January 04, 2021 | by Iyin | 0 Comments

The year 2020 was a year like none other. Since everyone was cooped up in their houses following the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, fashion brands saw a huge decline in sales. 

While many brands branched into the production of PPE to make ends meet, others forged ahead and came out with amazing collections this year. Here is a rundown of the 8 best collections from Nigerian designers of 2020.

Top 8 Collections of 2020.

1. IDIA x ADM Collection


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Last year, media personality and fashionista Idia Aisien released her debut collection in collaboration with African Designer's Mall. The collection, which features dresses and two pieces, features many chic and elegant pieces for the modern woman. 

The collection contains versatile pieces infused with the latest trendy styles such as the high slit, asymmetrical style, and off-one shoulder style. Aisien played around with a range of colours in this collection, making it a sight to behold. 

2. Romantic Noire Collection by Constance Walter Couture

The Romantic Noire collection features 23 pieces and focuses on the psychology of colour. The pieces in this collection speak to a bold woman that is not afraid to be herself and stand out of the crowd in elegance. 

The collection contains pieces that can be worn to a range of events, from that special owambe to the red carpet and even the office. Playing around with various cuts, fabrics, and colours, the collection has an abundance of unexpected styles that are sure to draw attention. 

3. Coalescence Collection by MrsSandraO


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The Coalescence collection by MrsSandraO is one that was birthed due to the designer's pain over all that happened in the country with the #EndSARS protest. The events that surrounded this protest brought a lot of gloom and sadness to Nigerians and this collection was designed to bring a breath of fresh air and life to all.

The collection was made specifically with today's brave strong, and independent woman in mind. Filled with a burst of colours, alluring cuts, and trendy styles, the pieces in this collection are versatile and sure to delight any woman.

4. Clarity Collection by Kancky

With the fashion industry moving more towards sustainability than ever before, collections that speak to this movement are always welcome. The SS21 Clarity Collection by Kancky is one that was designed with sustainability at its core. 

The collection, which features hand-painted and hand-dyed fabrics using the Indigo and Batik techniques, was created with 100% sustainably sources cotton, chiffon, and rayon. The collection shows that tribal-chic outfits do not have to be boring as it features trendy styles such as bishop sleeves, ruching, and tiered sleeves.

5. Sisi Eko Collection by The Lagos Shirt Factory

The Lagos Shirt Factory, this year, released the Sisi Eko collection and we must say that it was beautiful. The brand which is known for designing shirts and shirtdresses created this collection to merge traditional art with contemporary designs.

The collection, apart from having hand-painted designed pieces, infused the most trendy style into what would have otherwise been plain shirtdresses. Ranging from the high-low style to the asymmetrical style and tiered bottom, this collection speaks volumes. 

6. Thorns and Roses by The FIA Factory

The Fia Factory is an eclectic fashion brand known for its spirited sensibility for using African aesthetics to create modern pieces. Their recently released Thorns and Roses holiday collection speaks volumes of elegance in many unexpected ways. 

Featuring dresses, jumpsuits, and dungarees, the collection was created with the modern elegant woman in mind. With selections that cover looks for every occasion and trendy styles, like the cut-out style infused into it, the Thorns and Roses collection is a must-have for every elegant woman. 

7. Duro Olowu's Spring/Summer 2021 Collection


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The Spring/Summer 2021 collection by Duro Olowu was one that spoke to the modern woman in a very contemporary way using traditional fabrics. The collection was designed using African fabrics like aso-oke, cotton, and linen tailored in a modern way.

With bright colours and bubbly prints, pieces from this collection are fit for royalty. By creating corporate wears, like tailored suits and pant trousers with aso-oke, the designer showed just how versatile the fabric is. 

8. Grand Look For The Elite Woman Collection by Trish O Couture

For the Christmas holiday season, Trish O Couture released a festive collection fit for events, wedding, parties and many other occasions Nigerians love to attend. The collection features high-octane styles that are sure to up the style of any woman. 

Featuring dresses of varying lengths infused with styles like ruching, off-shoulder, bishop sleeves, and high slit trends, the collection goes from simple elegance to high glamour. 


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