Mauvelli | 5 Nigerians Share Their Takes On The Altè Fashion Lifestyle

Love It, Hate It: 5 Nigerians Share Their Takes On The Altè Fashion Lifestyle

November 30, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

Have you ever wondered what the hype around altè style is and why people can’t seem to get enough? Or perhaps you just wonder what people really love about it? 

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This column is designed to tackle controversial topics around fashion, and we have previously looked at topics such as How Ripped Is Too Ripped, Androgynous fashion and many more. We asked a few people on their stand on the altè style and the radical outfits they have seen altè people wear, and they certainly had some interesting points to share.

Stay with us on this journey as we delve into the interesting and different world of altè fashion.

1. Asher Umerie 

Asher Umerie, a lover of fashion had this to share,

“Altè style is basically anything that deviates from the norm. We are constantly finding ways to express uniqueness and I feel that's what the altè style is born out of. If there’s anything I’d take from the altè scene, it would be lots of jewellery, neckpieces, nose rings, leg chain and a plunging neckline, although the general altè style isn’t really my style. I once saw a guy with silver pump-like camel shoes, then baggy jeans with frayed edges, and it was quite radical.”

2. Bamise Oyetayo

Bamise Oyetayo is an androgynous-inspired fashionista who is passionate about the other styles of fashion as well, and she had this to share,

“The truth is altè isn’t just a fashion style, but a lifestyle. And for me, it’s really just a call for young people to express themselves to the fullest. There have always been people involved in the living art of expressionism, but with altè, it really became a wave among Nigerian youths. One thing I love about altè style is how we’ve dismantled the troupe of what a man or woman can wear and so-called fashion rules. I’ve never believed so much in the rules guiding fashion, so I’m very here for altè fashion and I love the freedom it holds.”

3. Funbi Shodipe

Funbi Shodipe, a millennial who dabbles in altè fashion as well had this to share,

“I feel altè style is a way of exploring your fashion and bringing in different concepts to look unique. With altè style, you can express yourself and you’re not particular about staying within the constraints of regular fashion. One of the radical fits I’ve seen a person wear is baggy trousers, bodycon top and a pair of random shoes that didn't match.”

4. Feranmi Joel

Feranmi Joel is an engineering student who is also an avid androgynous fashionista, and she had this to share regarding the altè style of fashion,

"I think altè is actually a lifestyle, and a lot of people admire it because they see the whole retro/vintage style as new and different. Although it’s not really my style because it calls too much attention, one thing I like about the altè style of fashion is the creativity and the fact that it’s so edgy. It’s also like a voice for some people as they allow their style to embody their expressions."

5. Jibola Omole 

Jibola Omole, a typical altè fashionista had this to share,

“I think altè style is really dope because it involves bringing old and new school styles together. I love altè fashion because it makes one stand out from other people’s fashion. It’s also easy to spot someone who is altè-inspired within a crowd of so many people.”

A lot of people certainly agree that the altè lifestyle or fashion choices allow one to express themselves in ways that are not constrained or limited by the norm. We think this is an important factor that makes a lot of people gravitate to the style of fashion now.

A lot of creatives, including creative directors such as Ashley Okoli, musicians like Odunsi, Santi and many more definitely consider it their lifestyle, and it is evident in their fashion choices.

So, do you see yourself making a shift into the altè style of fashion? Or perhaps, just infusing bits and pieces of the lifestyle into your regular? Do let us know your thoughts on this topic by leaving a comment in the section below!


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