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Looking For New Ways To Reach Clients? Here's All You Need To Know About Email Marketing For Fashion Brands

November 30, 2020 | by Iyin | 0 Comments

Marketing is an integral part of running a fashion brand. Without the right marketing tactics, it will be hard to get your target market to see and potentially patronise your fashion brand. 

Apart from the popular marketing methods like direct marketing, social media marketing, and sponsored ads, another way to market your fashion brand is through Email marketing. 

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that involves sending emails to and building relationships with prospects and customers via emails. 

With email marketing, you can promote new products, sell products, give useful information to customers, or tell a story. While the main purpose of email marketing is to promote your brand and increase sales, it is important to remember to build a relationship with your customers through this medium. 

Why is Email Marketing Important?

  • It is easy to learn: Learning email marketing is pretty straightforward and easy to learn. It does not require any specialised training, but does require plenty of research. 
  • It is inexpensive to get started: Many email marketing software are free to use and sending emails to prospects and customers is free for you. 
  • It is effective: With your targeted email marketing, you know that your emails are getting to the people they were intended for. 
  • It builds a community: Email marketing also proves to be a great way to connect with your clients and build a form of relationship and community with them. 
  • It is easy to grow: It is pretty easy to get email addresses to add to your list and reach more people. 

Ways to Grow Your Email List.

As a fashion entrepreneur, you should never buy email lists. Building your own email list will prove to be more effective and will target those that are truly interested in your brand. You can grow an email list for your fashion brand through;

1. Your Website

You need to make sure that your website has a place for your prospects and customers to sign up for emails. Ensure to embed an email signup form on multiple pages on your website so it is easy for people to subscribe to your email list. 

To make signing up more enticing, you can use incentives to lure your audience to sign up. Using incentives like free coupon or promo codes, exclusive access to new products, a discount on one future purchase after signing up, and so on can entice people to sign up. 

Another way to encourage email subscription signups on your website is to include pop-ups on the site asking your audience for signups in exchange for an incentive. 

2. Your Social Media

Your social media is another way to get your audience to subscribe to your email list. You know that whoever is following you on social media is most likely also interested in your brand, so it is a great platform to use. 

With your social media marketing, you can infuse some email efforts. One way to do this is by encouraging your audience on, say Twitter, to subscribe to your email list if they want a regular and more in-depth dose of content for you.

Let them know about the opportunity because awareness helps them choose which channels they want to consume your content from. Remember to include a link to your subscription form in your bio on social media. 

Email Marketing Strategies.

To launch your email marketing campaigns, the most important things you need are an email marketing software and an email list. Some email marketing software include MailChimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor and Flodesk. 

Now that you have your email list, here are strategies to make your email marketing campaign successful;

1. Decide Your Email Marketing Campaign Goal.

Before you start your email marketing campaign, you must decide what the goal of the marketing is. Every email you send should be focused on the goal. 

Would you like to market your products? Give your audience valuable information? Sell your products? Whatever your aim is needs to be determined so you give your emails a uniform theme. 

2. Follow a Schedule.

For any marketing campaign to be successful, it has to have a frequency. Consistency is key. You need to find a way to be consistent with the emails you send out without over-sending emails so you do not put your audience off. 

Create an email marketing calendar and find out how often you can create relevant content that will benefit your audience. This could be once a week, once a month, or every other week, but you must follow a schedule. 

3. Create a Content Calendar.

Create a list of possible topics you can write on that might interest your audience. Get topic ideas that are not solely focused on your brand and write quality content on them.

Not every mail you send should be asking your audience to buy something, give value to them so they are excited to open your emails every time. You need to think deeply and research a lot on this so you come up with topics that will benefit your audience. 

Also, the content you put out should not be all text, images encourage people to read emails because humans are visual beings.

4. Respect Your Subscribers.

Firstly, always ensure that subscribers know they are signing up for your email list at the point of signup. Then, now that they have willingly offered their details to you, you should communicate in a way that shows respect for them. 

Always make them feel special and find a way to personalise and segment emails. This is to ensure that your customers get content that will interest them based on their relationship with your brand. 

5. Optimise for Mobile.​​​​​​

Always ensure that your emails are mobile-friendly. People are on their mobile phones a lot and this means that they are likely to try to open your email from their mobile devices.

If your emails do not display correctly on mobile devices, it will turn your audience off and they will stop opening your emails. 


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