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Kiki Okewale's Opulence Collection Is One For Working-Class Women, But With Limited Styles

October 08, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

Whether once or twice a year, fashion designers release collections that are usually an expression of their creativity and thought process. Fashion collections are birthed from the need to showcase a range of modern styles designed with unique processes. 

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Before a fashion designer releases a fashion collection, the general mood and ambience of the collection have to be determined. Just like Idia Aisien designed her collection to be worn by chic and modern women, Kiki Okewale, the creative director of the eponymous label, Kiki Okewale, released a collection for modern women.

Kiki Okewale is a fashion brand which prides itself in being an affordable luxury brand that provides bespoke, bridal and ready-to-wear outfits for its clientele. The outfits made in the brand are designed to be very feminine with comfort and durability in mind.

Their SS21 collection, Opulence, was released recently and it is a mix of modern trends and styles all delivered in an exquisite manner. 


As a fashion designer who has experienced the fashion scene in Nigeria firsthand, Kiki Okewale was determined to address social issues with this collection. In designing this collection, she paid attention to the current global situation where lifestyle changes have affected the way women dress and spend money on clothing whilst still acknowledging the trends of the season.

“Now more than ever, women are being cautious of splurging on unnecessary garments. So, it was important to design affordable pieces that still speak opulence to the woman of style.” - Kiki Okewale.


Apart from fabric selection, which is an important factor to consider when designing a collection, another thing that should be at the forefront is the designs employed. As much as fashion designers would love their collections to stand out and uniquely express their level of creativity, they still need to utilise some of the fashion trends in season.

This collection consists of outfits that mainly make use of the fringe and ruched style trends. According to the designer, the collection consists of easy pieces infused with fringes and ruching for that sensual feel in a garment.

As much as the designer was going for a corporate and formal feel for this collection, other trendy styles such as the high slit, cold shoulder and others could have been infused also to give unique outfits.

The outfits were made with fabrics such as raw silk, satin, and lycra, which are modern women wardrobe staples, to compliment the sensuality of the collection.

Target Audience

From the general ambience, and based on the outfits designed in this collection, the collection was made for the typical working-class woman who loves to add a spice of fashionable outfits to her everyday life.

Although the prices of the outfits are not clearly stated on the website, one thing that the designer clearly factored in this collection and mentioned is the affordability. According to Kiki Okewale, in times like this when everyone should be cautious of their expenses, you can still get valid, long term garments that are luxury and speak opulence at affordable prices.

The Opulence collection by Kiki Okewale is a clear representation of how the typical working-class woman’s fashion style should be. However, with the limited styles, it would surely be a bit difficult adventurous women to experiment with the outfits in this collection. 


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