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Is Your Fashion E-Commerce Site Getting Lost In The Crowd? Here Are Some Tips To Make It Stand Out.

April 20, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

In this digital age, it is not surprising that many businesses, including fashion, are moving to electronic commerce, also known as e-commerce. E-commerce is the activity of electronically buying or selling of products on online services or over the internet, whether by online retailing, electronic markets, or online auctions.

Incase you didn't know, e-commerce has a whole range of benefits, which include low cost, low risk and a wide audience. So, having an e-commerce site should be paramount for every business owner or brand.

However, with the presence of so many sites these days, with similar niches and businesses, it is very easy for one's site to get lost in the shadows. When this happens, it defeats the entire purpose of having an e-commerce site, as sales would probably not increase, profits will be stagnant and so on.

For this reason, it is beneficial for business owners to recognise tips on how to make e-commerce sites stand out and stay on top.

Tips On How To Make Your E-Commerce Site Stand Out

1. Good Customer Service: For an e-commerce site to stand out, it has to be able to communicate effectively, though visually, with customers. Sites that make it easy for shoppers to buy the right size of outfits, shoes or bags are usually ranked high on the list of e-commerce sites.

Like Shane Barker, who is a digital marketing consultant, stated,

"The key to success for e-commerce retailers, is to provide exceptional shopping experience and customer service."

2. Catchy Site Pages: The site pages definitely have to be catchy with a theme that relates to the brand. For example, it doesn't speak well of a fashion site that has a theme filled with electronics, or perhaps furniture. So choosing a theme that relates to your fashion brand is important. 

One thing we have also noticed about top e-commerce websites is that they rarely sell on the homepage. The homepage should be to shed light on the site, and let the customer know what the site is about in the shortest time possible. 

3. Product Description: For an e-commerce site to thrive, you have to bring life to your products. You need to be able to let the customers connect with the product, whether clothes, or bags, or whatever. Having appealing product descriptions would definitely help an e-commerce website a lot.

Introducing new products, helps to keep your website updated and would invariably drive in more traffic to your website.

4. Easy To Use: Most importantly, having a website that is easy to use cannot be overstated. If the homepage takes too long to load, the chances that the customer would remain on that website are slim.

A seasoned e-commerce and marketing professional, Armando Roggio, gave his two cents on e-commerce sites with this,

"Your online store should be easy to use, with a functional search tool that returns relevant results in a flash."

Always remember, having an e-commerce site is not enough, you also need to make it stand out to attract the right traffic to and improve profit.


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