Mauvelli | Idia Aisien, TV Host, Just Released Her Debut Collection.

Idia Aisien Recently Launched Her Debut Fashion Collection, And Here Are Our Thoughts

September 03, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

A fashion collection is a selection of outfits and individual garments, which showcases the creativity of the fashion designer in terms of cuts, silhouettes, proportions and many more. Some collections can be delivered independently, that is, the fashion brand releases the collection alone, or it could be a collaboration between two or more brands.

Idia Aisien, the media personality and fashionista, recently released her debut collection in collaboration with African Designer's Mall. Stay on this journey with us, as we let you in on what we think.

The Collaboration

Idia Aisien is a popular award-winning TV host in the Nigerian entertainment industry, who has ventured into the presenting and modelling space in her career journey. Idia Aisien also runs a non-governmental organisation which focuses on initiatives to drive international development in Africa.

Just like many celebrities, Idia Aisien has had deals with various brands ranging from skin and beauty brands such as Lancome, to luxury brands and many more. 

For her debut fashion collection, Idia Aisien collaborated with the African Designer's Mall. The collection features dresses and two pieces which are designed for the modern woman. The African Designer's Mall is a fashion retail platform that aims to be the global technology platform for premium fashion, connecting entrepreneurs and customers.

"I've always loved fashion since I was a kid and it was only a matter of time. Africa Designer's Mall brought the opportunity and I couldn't resist! Over the last few years, it's been all about being a media girl, TV presenter and content creator, but I want people to see a different side of me." - Idia Aisien.

Through this collaboration, the outfits in the collection would be sold on their website, which would increase their reach and further boost sales.

Design Creativity

As a trendy, modern woman, the pieces in this collection showcase the class and elegance Idia Aisien possesses. All the outfits, whether dresses or two-pieces are designed to be professional and versatile while giving off a very chic look.

The collection pieces ranging from Idia Lives In Colour to The Pink Colada, White Bafa Shirt and the rest, all feature alluring cuts and attractive details. The fact that many trendy styles such as the asymmetrical style, cold shoulder style, high slits, and many more were featured in this collection makes it the go-to collection for contemporary and stylish looks.

Also, the pop of colours in this collection is definitely worth mentioning. Idia Aisien channelled her inner rainbow child as a range of colours were explored in this collection. 

Target Audience

This collection, like Idia Aisien shared, is targeted at the average working woman who has a passion to drive change in their industry. However, a few pieces were made distinctly for extreme fashion and style lovers. The entire collection was designed to be chic, trendy and affordable. 

This collection was able to cater to the needs of modern women who still want to remain stylish, irrespective of the setting they are in, whether professional or not. We are looking forward to more collections made by Idia Aisien as she also expressed her desire to have a stand-alone fashion brand in the future.


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