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How To Use Instagram Stories To Build Your Fashion Brand

August 11, 2020 | by Iyin | 0 Comments

Every serious fashion entrepreneur has a social media page to show off their products and fashion items and almost every fashion entrepreneur has an Instagram page. Instagram is a great social media platform to use in connecting with clients and with the Instagram shop feature, it is easier to sell products to your clients.

Most fashion entrepreneurs pay a lot of attention to their Instagram feed but not so much to the Instagram stories feature which might be a mistake on their path.

in this video, Sharon Ojong shares on how fashion entrepreneurs can use Instagram stories to build their brand. 

Instagram stories is an awesome feature on Instagram for those that are trying to build a business and do promotions. It provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to show their audience the individual behind the curated feed and a peep into who they are beyond the polished Instagram feed. 

With Instagram stories, you can type on a plain background, you can go live, you can use superzoom, rewind, boomerang and all other awesome features. Now, here is how to use it to build your brand;

How to Use Instagram Stories to Build your Brand

1. Create Tutorials

As a fashion entrepreneur, you can use Instagram stories to create tutorials and tell your audience how you make your products. Show them how things are done because people want to learn and know how to do things.

Use your stories to create solutions and give value to your followers. This will create an opportunity for you to build your brand as an entrepreneur. 

2. Share your Personality

With Instagram stories, you can share your personality with your customers. Let them see the person behind the brand they patronise and love. Give them an opportunity to see you do crazy, fun, and exciting things and a bit of what your life is like outside of making fabulous fashion products for them. 

Your customers want to see the person behind your brand and get to have a kind of connection with you. Use Instagram stories to show them who you are outside of your brand, what your favourite food and colours are and also who your friends are. Allow them to relate to the person you are.

3. Share Behind the Scenes

You can also use Instagram stories to share with your customers what happens behind the scenes. Let them into what happened behind the scenes of a photoshoot for your collection, how you make your fashion products and where you make them.

Let them see how you relate with your staff and all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes that finally lead to the fashion items they see. 

4. Share Extra Photos

Most fashion entrepreneurs take many photos of their fashion products during a product shoot or photoshoot session but do not get to post all these photos on their feed because it gets boring to see the same photos over and over again. To share the extra photos that do not make it to your feed, you can use Instagram stories.

5. Break News

As a fashion brand, when you have new products, new collections, new posts, announcements or giveaways, you can use Instagram stories to break the news to your followers and keep them in the know of what is happening with your brand. 

Major events like new deals, collaborations, and endorsements can be shared on your Instagram stories to break the news to all your customers and followers.

6. Direct your Followers Off Instagram

With Instagram stories, you can put a link to your website or an online retail store where your products are sold so they can go over and patronise your brand from there. This is an easy way to get customers to buy products of yours that they like, all they have to do is swipe up.

If you have a blog as a fashion entrepreneur, you can also use Instagram stories to redirect your clients there to see the exciting content you have for them. Use your Instagram stories to promote your blog and have all your customers know when you put up new posts.

7. Share Your Inspiration

You can use Instagram stories to share things that inspire you. Share posts that inspire you and motivational quotes that made you think and want to do more. Share funny memes that made you laugh, songs you are currently listening to, books you are reading now or good books you have read in the past, tv shows you love and photos that inspire you.

Just share with your customers all the things that inspire you to build both yourself and your brand. Let them know what makes you tick and makes you want to serve them better and be a better version of yourself.

8. Host a Takeover

You can use your Instagram stories to tell the story behind your brand and give a history of your brand and all that has happened with it thus far. Let them know your goals as a business and where you see yourself in the future.

Just give them ways to connect with you beyond what they see on your feed. Let them know the reason you chose to do what you are doing and how you noticed that problem you are using your brand to solve.

9. Use all Instagram Stories Features

As a fashion entrepreneur, just have fun with your feed and use all Instagram stories features. When you neglect to use these features it reduces your algorithm and makes it looks like you are not active on Instagram.

Instagram wants you to use stickers, polls - you can use polls to know the value of your brand, to ask questions, etc - and all other features. You can also use your feed to tell your customers to be free to ask questions about the brand and the CEO of the brand. 

10. Give Shout-Outs 

Use your Instagram feed to give shout-outs to your followers if you do not want to put them on your main feed. Appreciate all your loyal customers on your Instagram stories and let them know how much they mean to you.

Instagram stories are a great feature for business owners and you need to get on it. Always remember to provide back views for your followers so they know what is happening. To have great content for your Instagram stories, you need to plan because great stories do not just happen.

Also, always remember to be yourself on your Instagram stories. Be the authentic you and do not let anyone make you do what you do not want to. The more you can engage your audience the better and bigger your brand will grow. 

In using the Instagram stories feature, always remember to try as much as possible to include your brand colours in the posts to keep your brand visuals unified. You should also use more than one scene in your Instagram stories by changing the angle or background colour of your products shoot and always use each Instagram story post you put up to connect with your audience.




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