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How Long Should It Take To Sew A Dinner Dress?

April 01, 2020 | by bolu | 3 Comments

Is it time-consuming for a fashion designer to sew a simple dinner dress? Sometimes, the fashion styles clients consider simple requires a very high level of expertise, experience, and patience. As much as clients would love to rock that outfit like Beyonce, sometimes they also need to take into consideration their body types and the fact that fashion designers are not super humans.

We spoke to a few people on what they think the delivery period of a dinner dress should be, and they had quite interesting answers and takes to share.

How Long Should It Take To Sew A Dinner Dress?


Catherine Umahi, a University student with much experience with fashion designers, had this to share. "All things being equal, sewing a dinner dress should not even take up to a week. But considering that the fashion designer may have pending outfits to complete, or a tight schedule, it may take up to 14 days".

Opeyemi Olasupo, a university graduate who is very particular about her fashion style, had this to say. "In my opinion, sewing a dinner dress with the help of a professional fashion designer should take about 2 to 3 days, including the style discussion and the type of fabric to be used, as well as the fittings".


Tolulope Ilori who is a chic lady with selective fashion preference also shared her thoughts. "To sew a dinner dress should not take long though. In about 3 to 5 days, the dress should have been completed. But it also depends on the style of the dress and the speed at which the fashion designer works".

Similoluwa Ilori, also a university graduate, had this to share with us. "The delivery time for a dinner dress actually depends on some factors; the style of the dress whether complex or simple, the skill and expertise of the fashion designer and many more. However, an average dinner dress should not take more than 5 days".

And there you have it, some thoughts on how long clients think it should take for a dinner dress to be sewn. Let us know if you have similar or contrary takes to this! And if you need inspiration for dinner dresses, you can find how to go about it here.

It is advisable that fashion designers inform clients of how long it would take a dinner dress to be ready in order to avoid clashes and disappointments.





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Aminat Commented 10 months ago

I think 4 days is enough. To avoid mistakes

Oluwatumininu Commented 10 months ago

I strongly believe 2-3 days possible with the help of a professional, my last dinner dress was made to perfection within 3 days although it wasn’t very complex but like I typed earlier with the aid of a professional it’s very possible.

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