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Here's What Fashion Customers Think Fashion Brands Can Do To Increase Their Customer Base

May 14, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

There are many reasons clients continue to patronize a particular fashion brand. It may be due to the excellent brand awareness, or publicity the brand has, or perhaps the great customer service the brand has with the clients.

Sometimes though, certain brands do not need to put in much effort before customers patronize them. Good reviews and positive customer feedback always encourages prospective customers to patronize them.

We spoke to fashion customers about the fashion brands they patronize and how brands can continue to increase the number of their customers.

Oloruntoba Temitope had this to say,

"In Nigeria, fashion brands find it really difficult to increase the number of customers they have because of the strength of competition in the fashion industry now. But with good marketing strategy, using social media and  referrals from former clients, fashion brands can increase the number of their customers."

Bello Oluwatimilehin shared this with us,

"If Nigerian fashion brands ensure quality products at subsidized rates, there would definitely be an increase in the number of customers they have."

Elutinju Adetomi had this to share with us,

"Fashion brands can increase their customer base by giving customers their very best and by having a good customer-designer relationship."

Here's what Oluwayemi Olukanni had to say;

"Most times, customers can already picture themselves in whatever outfit they intend to buy, so by building a lifestyle feel into their brand, Nigerian brands can increase their customer base."

That's not all.

Here's what Nwaigwe Kelechi had to say;

"By producing good quality outfits and accessories with acceptable prices while also increasing their brand awareness, Nigerian fashion brands will be able to increase their customer base."

Barakat Kelani shared her thoughts with us;

"If Nigerian brands are unique and different, it would definitely increase the number of customers they have. This means that by doing things prospective customers won't be able to resist, while also considering their financial capacity, more people will patronize."

Here's what Gladys Ibrahim shared with us;

"Nigeria is rich in culture, so Nigerian brands can stand out by integrating different aspects of our culture into their styles, hence giving each piece a unique story. So, with this, if Nigerian brands are well-branded with unique package style and social presence amongst other things, they should be able to attract more customers."

There you have it. Those are some things that customers feel will increase the number of customers for a brand. What do you feel would help to increase the number of customers in a brand?




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