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Here's What Fashion Customers Think About African Wax Print Outfits, Bags And Shoes

April 22, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

African fashion, in recent times, has seen tremendous growth as more fashion designers are emerging from the continent and fashion weeks, runway shows and exhibitions are being held. In the global fashion scene, African fashion has risen greatly as designers are now harnessing the power in African textiles and fabrics to create world-class outfits and accessories.

Africans have also supported these brands by patronising and shopping their wares, which has in turn encouraged the birth of more African fashion brands in the fashion scene.

We got interesting takes as we spoke to fashion brand clients, and asked for their two cents on African fashion. 

Toluwanimi Omilusi, a young geologist, had this to say when we asked about what she loves most about African fashion;

"What I love most about African fashion are the styles, colours, and the fact that designers get very creative with the prints. Also, when African wax prints are used to make bags I think they look really nice and cute. Although African fashion is really great, I'd rather wear western clothes because they are more comfortable."

Segun Adedigba, an engineering student, had this to share with us concerning African fashion;

"The elegance and variety of colours in African fashion is truly a beauty to behold. The various prints of African attires show the creativity of the people, taking African wax prints and aso-oke for example. Accessories, like ties, bags, shoes and others actually look good when they are paired and worn properly. Whether I'd wear a Western or African outfit depends solely on the occassion."

Adebusola Amusat, a fashion-lover and dental student, shared her thoughts on African fashion wth us;

"I love African fashion because it is unique and not usually imitable, qnd the outfits are chic and classy. As per accessories made with African prints, I like them because they're beautiful and different, and this shows a high level of creatuvity and innovation in designers. Sometimes, I wear Western outfits for specific occasions, while other times, I wear African outfits."

Temidayo Oderombi, a fashion enthusiast and medical student, had this to say;

"African fashion is beautiful and very dynamic. I especially love the variety and colour of the prints, as well as the versatility of these materials to be made into different outfits, accessories, art etc. Accesories made with African prints are very nice, and pairing these accessories with plain wardrobe pieces would definitely make a statment. Personally, because African outfits are seen to be more occasional and less for the corporate and formal setting, western clothes are my go-to clothes, but only because they are more acceptable. Asides that, African outfits still remain beautiful."

There you have it, the opinions of different fashion lovers regarding African fashion. One thing they all agree on though, is the fact that African fashion is really beautiful and unique regardless of the style or form it comes in.


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