Mauvelli | Here's Our Review Of MrsSandraO's Coalescence Collection

Here's Our Review Of MrsSandraO's Coalescence Collection Inspired By The Recent Issues In The Country

November 26, 2020 | by bolu | 1 Comment

As fashion entrepreneurs, apart from creating and dishing out fabulous designs for clients, it’s also important to see how other entrepreneurs in the space are doing.

Analyzing their strategies and seeing how you can learn to make it work in your brand, or checking out their creative designs, and much more would go a long way for your brand.

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A fashion designer’s collection is a selection of outfits and individual garments. And with these outfits, they get to express their creativity and design in terms of colours, cuts, silhouettes, proportions and many more.

MrsSandraO recently released a fashion collection tagged Coalescence, while drawing inspiration from certain issues. Here’s our review of the collection.

About The Coalescence Collection

One of the things that come to mind going through the Coalescence collection is the immense burst of colours. The mini collection by MrsSandraO is one that is characterised by brightly coloured fabrics that are designed to create an entire feminine colour block effect.

The brand that pulled this collection, MrsSandraO is a womenswear fashion brand located in Lagos that is known for creating pieces to amplify the power and strength of women. For their last collection, the SS21 collection, they magnified the beauty, voices, strength, courage and many other abilities of modern women, and just as they shared,

“This collection was created with today’s woman in mind, women who are brave, strong, independent, unapologetically themselves, aren’t afraid to speak up and take space.”


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Design Inspiration 

This mini collection, as the brand owner shared, was birthed from the designer’s pain and anger felt towards all the issues faced in recent times.

As you may already know, the period of the #ENDSARS protest in Nigeria which gained worldwide recognition was one in which a lot of issues were questioned, thus taking a toll on the mental health of many people. Due to the loss of lives and properties during that period, many creatives channelled their talent and creativity to designing significant pieces, outfits and many more to cope.

The colourful lookbook with the alluring cuts and trendy designs adds a breath of fresh air and life to the otherwise gloomy atmosphere that has been existent for a while in our surroundings.


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Target Audience

This collection with the brightly coloured fabrics features some of the most trendy styles such as asymmetrical cuts, cut out styles, keyhole neckline and many more. Pieces from the collection can be rocked by the modern woman who is not afraid to flaunt her body curves and show off her style.

For slightly conservative women, however, styles such as the halter neck jumpsuit, off one shoulder jumpsuit, long sleeves high slit dress and many other styles would be a preferred option. 

The Coalescence collection with its signature burst of colours is one that celebrates the modern woman while channelling inspiration from recent issues.

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