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Here's How You Can Use The Laced-Up, Cut-Out, And Many More Styles To Create A Striking Appearance

September 10, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

We understand that sometimes it may be difficult to choose that perfect outfit for that occasion, especially when there is a range of styles to choose from. Outfits, coupled with accessories, are meant to up a person's style or fashion game, and take it to a hundred real quick!

Our Style Of The Moment column is specially designed to keep you updated on the latest styles in the Nigerian fashion scene, as well as how people are rocking them.

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So, let's get down to it!


Sequins outfits are the go-to outfits for classy evening occasions such as dinners or award shows, amongst other things. Depending on the style and creativity of the fashion designer, sequins can be made into dresses, skirts, trousers and many more considering its reflective ability.

What do we mean?

The reflective ability of the sequin fabric is what gives it its shiny nature because as light hits the surface of the sequins, it shines. And due to the shiny nature of the fabric, which we absolutely love, by the way, it is hard for the wearer not to make a statement.

Multiple Sleeve Designs

Say goodbye to boring sleeves as fashion designers now are bringing a new style! It is common for sleeves to be uniform all through, such as having puffed sleeves, tiered sleeves and many more.

Fashion styles these days have been having a little twist with the different designs the sleeves have. As a fashion designer, you can get creative by using a flared sleeve and a straight one for an outfit, just like in the image above. This changes the entire outlook of the outfit, and gives it an extra spark!

Laced Up Linen

Often, one needs to break out from the regular way of doing things to create something unconventional! Usually, in men's fashion, fasteners range from buttons to zips, but it is usually uncommon to see a laced up outfit.

This style, as depicted in the image above, is definitely one to look out for as it is different and unconventional! The outfit can be worn on different occasions while creating a striking look!

Fluted Hems

Like you may already know, the fluted hem style is a popular feminine style which encompasses a super slim pencil skirt that flairs out at or below the knees in a style that evokes the mermaid shape. This style is also similar to the fishtail style, where the outfit flares at the bottom to give off a mermaid look, except this style stops at the knees. 

Just like in the image above, this style can be used for a whole range of outfits including skirts, dresses and so on, with one or more fabric materials.


The cut-out trend in fashion is one that has been in existence for a long time now, and designers are absolutely killing it! Cut-outs are when a piece of fabric area has been removed intentionally from an outfit to give it a different look.

Cut-outs can be utilised in any area of the outfit, ranging from the ribs to the neckline, even below the cup area in tops and dresses. One thing to love about the cut-out style is how versatile it is because it can be adapted to different designs and outfits.

Those are some of the trendy styles of the moment that you can infuse in your wardrobe! Be sure to hit the subscribe button below!


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